Chapter 32

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"That's weak! You don't know what caring is... Caring is love. And love fights! Love doesn't look for the path of least resistance. Hell's bells, Roderick, if love was that easy everyone would have it. You're a coward!"

- Karen Marie Moning

Tooba's p.o.v

I was getting ready standing in front of mirror when I saw him looking at me in mirror from behind with admirations in his eyes.

I smiled.

"Hey Rehab tell me which lipstick should I apply? Pink or red?"
I said taking two lipstick in my both hands.

He said still looking into mirror.

"Yeah it looks good!! "
I said and took off its cap.

"No it tastes better!!"

"Yeah ...what?"
I was about to saay something when I realized what he said and my eyes widened.

I heard his laughter and lowered my gaze.

I heard shuffling sound behind and looked upwards and saw him entering in room with boring expression on his face.

I leaned on dressing table and held it.

Rehab didn't give me any importance and ran out of room after taking his wrist watch from side table.

I sat on floor crying.

It was my hallucination....

Tears were continuously cascading on my palms in my lap.

"How long? How long will you stay like this?"
I questioned myself.

I hide my face in my palms.

"Bhabhi!! Bhabhi!!!"
I heard Neha's voice from outside.

I quickly wiped my face and stood up.

My kohal was on all over my face now.

I quickly turned my back towards door.

"Bhabhi! Come on you are still not ready. Everyone is waiting outside."
Neha said entering in room.

"Yeah just give me 5 mins I will be there."

"OK "
She said and left.

"Let's forget everything. Its a big day for Ramza and Zara."
I said to myself.

I quickly applied lipstick word my kohal and wore my ear rings.

I was not looking bad. I was wearing dark blue maxi which was reaching till my feet.
I wore my sandals and drape my duppata on my left shoulder.

After giving a satisfied look to myself I took my purse and came out.

"Oyee hoyee boys!! Ma Sha Allah!!"

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