Chapter 44

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"Dharkan ye kehti hai, dil tery bin dharkay na..
Ek tu hi yar mera, mujhy kya dunya se lyna..."

Author's p.o.v

Minahil tried to speak but her voice was muffled by a big hand on her mouth.

She looked at the masked man with terror filled eyes.

He rolled her and pinned her between him and wall and let her mouth free.

"Dare to shout and I will stab this knife right in your kidney."
He said in a dangerously low voice.

She left something piercing against her skin at the side of stomach.

Minahil whispered.

"Your death!"
He replied with same husky voice.

Why not have some fun??

He thought and smirked.

Minahil's hair were no more in a messy bun but dangling on her shoulders.

"Well you are too beautiful to die. Isn't it??"
He whispered against her ear.

His breath was fanning her face.

She pleaded and a sob left her mouth.

"Why? Where is your wild cat self now??"
He said in his normal voice and Minahil's eyes snapped towards him in confusion.

He burst in to laughter.


She shouted and was about to smack his head when she tripped over sauce pan which fell from her hand before and fell on ground with Haider beneath her.

He took off his mask.

Her both hands were on his chest while his were resting around her torso.

She felt her voice dying.

Haider's eyes softened and a new and strange expression took place in them.

He advanced his hand and pinned her locks which were playing with his light beard behind her ears.

"You are not that wild well!"
He whispered near her face.

They both were lost in each other when they heard someone coming in launch.

Haider put his finger on his lips signalling Minahil to stay quite.

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