chapter 24

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"Friends are like beautiful flowers in the garden of life."


Tooba's p.o.v

"Chand raat Mubarak everyone!!"

We all were seated in lounge when Haider came shouting.

"Hain? Chand raat?
I asked shocked.

"Yeah chand raat bhabhi bear!! Its 29th fast today. Forgot?"

I made strange face and everyone laughed.

We stood up and greeted each other.

"Happy chand raaaatttt!!!"

I heard Ramza's voice and turned around to see my friends standing there.

I ran and greeted them.

"So we guys came here today for some reason."
Zara said.

I deep down knew what she was talking about.

Haider asked munching on Apple.

Minahil shouted and he mouthed 'oh'..

I looked at them in horror and Haider smirked looking at me.

"Ahan bhabhi bear is going to apply mehndi on her hands?"

I said standing up.

"And don't think that this time you can escape. We all are going parlour to apply mehndi and that's fine that you are coming with us."

Zara announced and I without wasting a moment turn to ran but soon bumped into a hard wall.

"Damit!! Who built this damn wall here..."

I rubbed my forehead and looked upward only to meet with brown orbs.

"Rehab!! Can't you see man where you are going? You were going to smash my head."

He raised brow and folded his arms on his chest.

He was about to speak when I remembered that why I was running and without letting him complete I started running.

I went in my room and locked door.

"I am not going to apply mehndi. No never and kabhi nahi!!! That's final!!"
I shouted from in side.

Rehab's p.o.v

"What was that drama?"

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