Chapter 53

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"She was unawar that
he was in love
with her,
But his love quotes
were relatable
to her.."

Author's p.o.v

"Yes Yusha did they tell anything??"
Rehan said to yusha while entering in warehouse with ibtihaj.


"Did you allow Saim to go in?"

"Yeah but he was about to kill them so I had to take him out... "
Yusha said and Rehab nodded understanding.

They three went towards basement.

"Bhai! I would love yo have my way with them only if you allow."
Ibtihaj said to Rehab as soon they reached near the four men tied on chairs.


"Just give me five minutes!"
Ibtihaj said and ran towards kitchen of warehouse.

"Here you go..."
Ibtihaj came back after fee minutes with few bowls in his hands.

A smile crept on Rehab's lips seeing what he brought and he exchanged looks with Yusha.

"Tell me who sent you?"
Ibtihaj roared.

"I didn't know Rehab also have children in his gang."
That man mocked.

"Let me tell you what this child is capable of doing. "
With that said he poured the burning was on that man's hand.

He started whincing in pain.

He moved towards other one and put knife on his shoulder.
"Tell me or else you will be dead."

"You won't do such thing."
That men said with fear written on his face.

"Try me!!"
Ibtihaj smirked.

"Please I have family. They have no one except me ."
He said half crying. Joining his palms in front of Ibtihaj.

"So now you have remembered your family. Where were your family when you got involved in all this shit?"
He said stabbing knife right in his shoulder joint.
He felt a pang in his heart at the word family but he front let the effect took over him.

"Aahh!! "
That man started crying in pain.

Jibraem was about to come forward but Rehab signalled him to retreat back.

"Will you spill now?"
Ibtihaj roared right in front of his face and he nodded.

He said and put his foot on the arm of ghat man's chair.

"I.. I have been working for John since last 4 years.  10 days ago I came to know that John died.  Some Rehab Khan killed him. Last night I got call from his cousin Leonardo Leizain that we have to attack at your house and shoot Rehab's  wife. When a girl came in garden my men shot her without confirming that she was his wife or not. Before I could stop him that girl was lying on ground covered in blood."
Rehab's blood boiled and he was about to load his gun when Yusha pulled him back .

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