Chapter 45

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"She is mine!
Don't even dare to look at her!"

Tooba's p.o.v

I heard door knocking and opened it annoyingly.

But there was no one.

I shouted but no one replied. This annoyed me to hell
I went back in trial room and shut the door was about to lock it when I again heard a knock.

This time I quickly opened the door to catch the one pranking on me since while ago.

As I step out of trial room I smelt a familiar aura and a smile crept on my lips.


I whispered and soon I was pulled by someone to the wall.

I didn't scream cause I know its him.

I opened my eyes and saw a black masked man standing in front of me.

"Why are you wearing mask?"

Instead of answering me he jerked me towards him and my head collided with his chest while his hand were encircling my bare waist.

I suddenly started getting conscious of my self.

This touch was not familiar.

It was not him.

I looked at him and saw a smirk on his face.

"You.. You are not Rehab!"
I shoke my head.

"Leave me! Who are you?"
I shouted and started wriggling in his grip.

He gripped my waist more tightly.

"You are not only beautiful but innocent too. What you thought that only your husband can use this perfume? Just because I was smelling like him you  misunderstood me as him. Well I must say you have a breathtaking smile!"
He toughed my lower lip and I bite at his finger.

He let out a evil laugh.

"You can't hurt me kitten!"

"Leave me!!"
I punched his head and chest and his smirk deepened.

"I must say he got the beauty queen herself. He is quite lucky man!!"
He said grazing his forefinger against my cheek.

"If he got to know about you I bet he will snatch the life away from you."
I spat on his face.

"Whatever but now if someone is snatching life then its me and that too of Rehab's!"
He said and my breath hitched.

"You have a death wish!"
I tried not to look afraid.

He smiled. An evil smile!

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