Chapter 27

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"Hai yehi irada,
Tujhy chahun khud se ziada..
Tumse hai yh wada,
K ma hun sath tere..."


ooba's p.o.v

"Aunti I think you should find a suitable boy for Zara soon. "
I said to Zara's mom and Zara lowered her gaze shyly.

Today mom has invited all of us on Eid dinner at our house.
So Zara, Ramza, Minahil everyone's family were here.

"Yeah! I am thinking same. Do tell me if you have any boy in your sight."
Zara looked at me with hopes in her eyes.

"Yeah Aunti I have! His actually one of Rehab's friends. Ahh !! What was his name haider?"

said winking at haider who was busy in eating ice cream.

"Yeah! Yu...yahya Imran!"
And Zara's jaw dropped to ground.

"What he does? "
Zara's mom asked taking interest.

"He is actually the most eligible bachelor of town. He has quite huge empire of business. Right Haider?"
I said smiling.

"Yeah yeah and he is the only son of his parents and besides his parents are in search of daughter in law."
Haider added taking spoon ful of ice cream.

"Wow! I think we cant find any more suitable proposal than this. What you think Zara?"
She said jerking Zara's arm who was in deep thought.

"Yeah..yes yes!!"
Haider controlled his laugh while I glared at him.

"So its done I will ask them to visit you guys tomorrow. What you say?"

Zara shouted.

"What happened Zara? "
Her mom asked.


"So what you say Aunti?"

"Its perfect."

"So done they are coming  tomorrow to our house for dinner you all have to come there then you can meet then."

Her mother nodded and me and Haider smiled looking at each other.

We ladies  were taking in launch after dinner when haider came in launch.

"Bhabhi! Rehab is calling you."

"OK I am coming."
He was typing something on phone and nodded.

Before he stepped out of launch Minahil's came in and stopped him.

"Assalam o alikum Aunti."
He said his salam smiling.

"Walikum salam. What you do beta?"
She said pating his head lovingly.

"Well! I have my own business of furniture."
He said smiling.

"Hayee  Ma Sha Allah! What is your name by the way?"

"Haider! Haider Yusuf."

"Such a beautiful name you have."

"Thank you so much Aunti. Well I am in hurry. See you around. Allah Hafiz."

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