chapter 4

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Tooba's p.o.v
We reached hospital. Nurse dressed my wound.
"ALHUMDULILAH(Thankx to Allahwound is not that deep. Bullet just sratched the skin. It will pain for a while. I am giving some painkillers. Take them and you will feel ease for sometime." Doctor gave prescription to Shazam and we left her room.
Shazam made a loud sigh. I look at him confused.
"Thañk God that you are fine."
He said looking into my eyes.
I was feeling somehow embarrassed cause he was here, in this state because of me.
"You are worried for me?"
I asked in disbelief.
"Off course stupid! Why shouldn't I? And else if something bad happened to you what would I have answered to your parents?" He said holding my hand and started walking towards his car. I was totally numb. Seeing his car again memorized me that black Mercedes. A lone tear slipped down my cheek.
Ride to my home was drawn in killing silence. Neither he spoke nor I .
I was brought out of my trance by his hand which he was waving in front of my eyes.
"Yeah! We reached."
He said and opened my side of door stretched his hand out for me. I hold it and came out of car. He rang the bell. I was continuously feeling someone's burning gaze upon me. I looked here and there but there was no one to be seen.
"What happened?"
Shazam asked.
"Na.. Nothing."
Mom opened door and gasped seeing bandage on my right arm.
"Ya ALLAH! what had happened to you tooba?"
She said examining my arm.
"Its nothing mom. Let us come inside first."
I was feeling weak. Too weak to even speak.
"Oh yeah come Shazam ."
Shazam said salaam to mom and dad who was shocked .
"Actually aunty..."
Shazam told mom and dad everything. In return dad didn't speak anything and left for his room while mom followed Him.
Shazam looked at me confused and I smiled weakly.
"I should leave now. You take care han."
He said standing up.
"Na wait. Let me make tea for you."
"No! Not now but some other time. Promise! And don't you dare cook or do anything with your arm in this condition."
He said sternly. I smiled again and he smiled back and moved towards the gate.
"And yeah I will cone day after tomorrow to take you to the doctor for checkup and dressing. Until then take care."
He patted my head.
"There is no need for..."
"No more arguments."
I put my finger on my lips. He sat in his car smiling. I waved bye and came inside and locked the door.
On turning I saw mom and dad standing.
"What the hell is this tooba?"
Dad asked sternly.
"What do you mean?"
"Yeah ! Someone shooted you and you are saying that what I mean? Who was he?"
"Who he? He was Shazam. You know him I guess."
"I am asking about the one who shooted you?"
He said pointing his forefinger towards me.
"And how I am suppose to know that dad?"
Dad came forward and clenched my hair in his hand. I whinced in pain.
"I told you farhat to keep an eye on this girl. Look what she did. I knew she is involved with someone. Now she is doing all this drama to get our attention." He said slapping me .
I was waiting for these slapes to stop but they were not stopping.
His words were killing me more than these slapes.
It was now enough. Last thing I heard was dad telling mom to find a boy and get me married as soon as possible before everything blaacked out.
I tried to open my eyes but they were seem that heavy as if someone has put whole building on them. I tried again and open my eyes and saw nothing but sunlight. Slowly things begin to lit up in front of my eyes. I tried to get up but felt a sharp pain in my right arm and soon last night's events started to flash in front of my eyes.
I sighed and went washroom .
After doing my morning routine I came back .
Should I go downstairs?
I thought and when I was engrossed in my thinking I heard a gunshot.
I ran towards stairs and what I saw was beyond horrible.
Dad was hugging mom from  side. Vase was broken and pieces of glass were shattered here and there .
There were men in black masks everywhere.
One of them came towards me. Mom was shouting on me to go back in my room but I was seemed to be glued at my place. I didn't bulged.
He came towards me and put his gun on my head .
He said in damn dangerous voice pointing in forward direction.
"I said MOVE!"
He screamed near my ear. I flinched but took one step.
"Keep on moving."
I was about to take another step when a thought barged on door of my mind.
Wait! Why should I obey him?
"I am not deaf and I am not moving and besides who the hell are  you to order me? I will not even bulge from my place. Do whatever you want."
I crossed my arm on my chest. I was no more scared.
Let's see what he will do!
He smirked. Even with his mask on I can sense that he was smirking.
"So you want to know Darling what I am capable of doing huh?"
I didn't reply. He moved his gun from my head to dad's direction and shoot.
I screamed in horror and closed my eyes. Everything went silent. I gradually open my eyes and saw everyone OK but there was a hole at wall behind dad. I look at that man who was holding me by my  left arm and he pointed the gun again at my head. Before I sense the situation he grabed my hand and started dragging me towards entrance.
I began crying.
"Ammi.. Leave my hand you idiot."
" me please.."
I was continuously shouting but he seems to be deaf.
Dad came forward and he shoot him on his hand. Dad cried in pain and stepped back. Mom came beside dad and was crying non stop.
He dragged me out and pushed me in black Mercedes and sat beside me.
One of his masked men started driving and others went in other car.
"Please I will do whatever you want but Please take my dad to hospital. PLEASSEE!!" I was crying now badly.
"No no darling don't cry.I can't see you in pain." He tried to wipe my tears but I yanked his hand away.
"Please for ALLAH's sake take my dad to hospital. He is heart patient. He needs immediate treatment."
I was begging him.
"With your this behaviour?" He said calmly.
"I will behave. I will zip my mouth. I will not talk but please take him to hospital."
I said wiping my tears and putting finger on my lips.
He sighed and took his mobile out.
"Hello Yusha." He said after dailing.
"Take that man to my hospital."
He put phone on speaker.
"Are you sure?"
Voice came from other side.
"Yeaf for now. But if she will not behave I will tell you and I know that you will not spare them for a moment in my hospital and kick them out."
"No no please don't do this I will behave. Please..."
"OK boss."
In this drama I forgot that I was not wearing my scarf so I adjusted my duppata on my head and started making Dua.
I was crying. My eyes were closed.
I opened my eyes with a snap when I felt sharp pain in my left arm and saw that masked man injecting me.
And everything blacked out.
The last thing I remembered was that man saying
I hate doing this to you but I have to! Sorry...

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