chapter 6

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Rehabs p.o.v
With every step I was taking towards her room, my heart was beating faster.
When I was about to knock I heard her crying with hiccups.
I hate to see her like this. I didn't bring her here to treat her like this. I wanted to make her feel special. She was the queen of my heart.
I unlocked the door with keys. She was sitting on floor with  support of bed on her back. Her hands were roung her legs.
When she saw me she stood up with the jolt.
"Why you brought me here? Who are you? Please let me go, my parents must be worried please ." she pleaded to me.
"You are not here to go back."
I said sternly. She starred at me in horror .
"What are you saying? what I had done to you please let me go."
She again started crying heavily.
"shhh.. don't cry I can't see you like this ."
I tried to wipe her tears with my forefinger. She flinched and moved back.
She shouted and I signed heavily and took two steps back.

She wiped her tears herself.
I eyed her top to bottom. She flinched under my gaze and straightened her duppata which was already perfectly arranged on her head.

I averted my gaze and cleared my throat.

"Get ready . You have only 20 mins".

Tooba's p.o.v

"Get ready. You have only 20 mins."
He ordered with dominance in his voice.
"For what?"
I asked in a low voice .
"For nikkah.."
"Whose nikkah?"
"Your nikkah"
He said casually.
"My nikkah? What are you saying? I can't marry I am already engaged with someone I love and besides who the are you to decide my wedding?"
I roared in anger clenching his collar in my hands. Tears were rolling on my cheeks.
"Don't make it difficult sweetheart. I don't want to hurt you but you are getting out of control. Behave yourself or else you know what I am capable of doing .I am sending beautician here. She will make you ready ."
He said trying to not sound angry but he was .
"whom I m getting married to?"
I asked in a low whisper.
"Does it matter?"
I looked at him shocked.
"Well if you want to know than listen you are getting married to me .."
He turned and went out of the room closing the door with a heavy sigh.
I broke down into tears and sat on ground covering myself with my hands.


After crying which felt like hours I heard door opening and saw a beautiful girl of around my age coming inside with a beauty box in her hand.
"Assalam o alikum"
She said sweetly.
"Walikum salam."
"How are you doing? I am Neha."
She said sweetly and stretched her hand out for me to shake.
I tool her hand quietly.
"Ahh.. I asked how are you doing?"
She asked again.
"What you expect? Dying with every passing moment."
I said and rolled my eyes.
"Umm well I am here to make you ready. There is cosmetic products.."
She was telling me but soon interrupted by a bang on door.
"It must be that stupid Haider.
She came back after screaming on someone for quite good minutes with a dress in her hands.
"So here you go girl.. This is your dress. Now hurry up, wash your face otherwise Rehab bhai will surely kill me  if I don't make you ready on time."
I stood up quietly and went to attach bathroom.
I eyed my reflection in mirror. I was looking like a complete mess.
I washed my face and when I came back I saw a beautiful and sparkling dress spread on bed and Neha was setting things on dressing table.
"Come sit here. Let me do your makeup."
She said stretching chair in front of dressing table.
I sat on chair quietly and she started doing her business on my face. After almost 20 minutes she asked me to open my eyes.
What I saw was unbelievable.
That was a different Tooba! A completely polished and new me!
"You are looking like a fairy. Now I understand that why rehab bhai was head over heals for you.
OK now go wear your dress then I will do your hair."
I looked at that dress. It was a sparkling red coloured lehanga.
My wedding dress!
A lone tear slipped down my face which I quickly wiped.
After wearing my dress neha did my hair.
"Perfect! Now you can turn."
She said and I turned towards mirror and my jaw dropped to ground.
I am looking seriously like a fairy!
I thought.
"Thanks for making me look like fairy."
"O girl! You are so sweet. OK give me 5 minutes I also have to get ready."
She said and rushed towards washroom with her dress in her hands.

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