Chapter 58

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"Jab mohobaton ka zikar hota hoga
Sharmindagi to hoti hogi tumhen??"

Author's p.o.v

Khan villa had forgotten to smile.

Haider had locked himself in room.  He neither eats nor talks to anyone.

Neha had got black bags around her eyes due to crying day and night.

Evetyone had gone quite.
All were weeping silently.

Their launch was missing their cute bickerings and nonsenseness.

Sky was missing the previous happy khan family.

It had been 2 weeks of Minahil and Zaroon being in coma.

14 days had passed with them staying lifeless on hospital beds without any movement.

Neha used to vist Zaroon daily but Haider didn't go to see Minahil.  Not even a single time.
He didn't get courage to face her.
He was accusing him gor all that happened to her and Zaroon.

For that he was punishing him day and night. Sometomes by cutting his skin or sometimes by punching, punching bag to the extent that his knuckles begin to bleed. Sometimes starving him to unconsciousness.

He was bleeding both inside and outside.

He didn't share his condition with anyone. He was dieing qith every passing moment.

He wasn't able to sleep. Whenever he closes his eyes Minahil's crying eyes came in front of them making him sit up again in pain.

Minahil's and Zaroon's pain was visible to everyone but no one knew about the pain Haider and Neha were going  through.  No one could even estimate that.

It was a shiny morning when Tooba came with breakfast in Haider's room.

Looking at her surroundings she gasped. It was not same as before.
Haider'sroom used to be the tidiest of all but this one was looking like a complete mess.

Her attention  drifted to the direction of voice and she saw Haider sitting at the corner of room. He was not looking like himself.

Some tears made their way from Tooba's eyes to her cheeks.

She put tray aside and sat beside him.

Haider lied down hidding his face in her lap as soon as she approached him.

She called upon him softly.

He didn't respond.

She called him again and again and started stroking his hair.

"Bha.. bhabhi!!"
He sat up and burst into tears hiding his face in his palms.

"Shh!! Haider don't cry."
Tooba too started crying looking at this vulnerable started of her Haider.

"Its my fault bhabhi!! Its my fault!!"
He was again and again repeating the same line scratching face.

"No no nothing is your fault."
Tooba hugged him tightly and started soothing his back.

After which felt like hours she felt him relaxed and pulled back.

She made him go breakfast. He protested too much but she was Tooba  who wasn't used to  bear anyone's tantrums.

"Look HAIDER everyone makes mistakes. It's not like that just due to one mistake of yours you make your life a living he'll. Life doesn't stop if someone leave you.."

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