chapter 30

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"And We Created You In Pairs."
~Quranic verse


ooba's p.o.v

After two days it is Zara and Ramza's nikkah.
Today I planned to go at Ramza's place to inquire about her feelings and something which I am missing in this whole puzzle.

"Come on Rehab I am getting late man!!"
I shouted again standing in front of car.

Allah! How much time he takes to get ready.

"Sorry sorry!!"
He said and opened passenger door for me and I rolled my eyes sitting in car.

He then moved towards driver seat.

He turned the engine on and soon car was running on road.

I was looking outside the window when I just remember that Ramza's mom always ask me to have some makeup as in her vision I am still a new bride.

I quickly took face powder from my bag and with the help of sponge applied it on my face and neck.

Thankx Allah that I had it in my bag.

I took a lipstick from my bag and started applying.

"Tooba I am thinking why not..."
He didn't complete nor I asked him cause I was damn busy with my lipstick.

"Tooba I am talking to you.."
I just hummed.

With a jolt he stopped the car and lower down the window glass and snatched lipstick from my hands and threw it out.

I shouted on my lungs.

"Here goes your lipstick. "
He said smirking.

"I just hate you. That was my favourite lipstick. Why did you do that?"
I asked annoyingly.

"Cause I was getting jealous. You were giving your whole attention to it not me."
He shrugged his shoulders like it was not a big deal and my blood  a boil.

"Whatever the hell it was! You know how difficult it was to find that shade in market. It was the last one in the whole mall and you just destroyed it."
I said opening the door of my side.

He held my hand.


"Going to bring my lipstick back."

I jerked his arm back and was about to open the door when he pressed the button on remote and door got locked again.

I tried to open it but it was not bulging.

"My lipstick!!!"
I shouted tapping my feet loudly in car.

Without wasting a second he turned towards me completely and hold me from the back of my head.

"Lipstick lipstick lipstick!! Dam that lipstick!!"

He said annoyingly and slammed his lips on mine harshly removing my lipstick.

He kissed me passionately with love, pouring his whole emotions in me.

He moved back and joined our foreheads. We both were panting.

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