Chapter 36

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"My heart is locked,
Key is with you..
Open and see,
How much I love you!!"

Tooba's p.o.v

"Tan tanaa coffee!!"
I said entering in launch and placed tray on table.

Zaroon, Yusha bhai, Haider, Saim, Rehab and Neha took their cups and got back to their work after thanking me.

I was looking at all of them one by one.

Neha was reading a novel.

Zaroon bhai, Yusha bhai and Rehab were talking about their mafiatic business while Saim and Haider were fighting over some mindless football match.

Am I a fool??

I thought to myself and after waiting for quite a moment when they all didn't gave me attention I jerked steel spoon on table.


Loud sound echoed in whole launch.

Everyone's eyes snapped towards me.

"Dare to talk about your idiotic business and super stupid football match and I will kick you all out of this launch at this same instance."
I said glaring at all of them.

Their jaws dropped to ground.

Moments passed in silence.

No one talked.

Everyone were sipping their coffee silently.

"Ohh come on dudes!! Aren't you guys feeling bore?"
I said annoyingly.

Haider said emphasizing on 'o'.

"I am asking from normal humans! Please don't disturb. So yeah what I was asking? Hnn? Yeah! Yusha bhai and Saim did you guys forget that you have wives to entertain??"
I said ignoring Haider and everyone laughed.

"No.. Its not like this."
Saim said straightening on sofa.

"I remember."
Yusha bhai said.

"OK so how many times you guys have taken them for shopping or  dinner dates or lunch or movies??"
I said raising brow putting my one leg on other.

"Umm..!! I didn't! Not a single time."
Saim said scratching his neck.

I looked towards Yusha bhai for answer.

"Yeah!..I didn't get the time."

"Good! Very good!!"
I said clapping my hands.

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