chapter 20

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"I need you lke a heart needs a beat" -(unknown )


Tooba's p.o.v

I was sitting with beejan and haider in garden with  cup of tea in my hands.

"Don't you think beejan Bhabhi had become more comfortable after visiting market that day?"

Haider said smirking while sipping his tea.

I raised brows and beejan smiled.

Beejan patted my head.

"Why? Why its bothering you this much that you are asking it again and again?"
I raised my brow.

"Na no.. Its not like this. I was thinking only that roaming around the city makes you peaceful then why not take you on a trip?"

"No thankx!! Its Ramadan already."
I rolled my eyes.

Knock ...

We were interrupted by knock on main gate.

Haider stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"To open the  gate."

"Why? Is watchman uncle not here?"

"No! He has gone on vacations yesterday. Her daughter gave birth to a cute lil boy."

Haider said and I squealed.

He smiled and move forward.

We heard magrib azan calling...

Its been 5mins of haider going to open the damn gate but still didn't return.

I shouted.

No response...

"Haider dude!!!! Where are you??? Alive or not???"

Still no reply.

"Beejan I am telling you this man strongly needs an audiologist."

I said putting my cup in tray and stood up.

I turned toward gate...

My steps halted in mid air...

Time froze...

Lashes forgot to flicker...

Eyes forgot to blink...

Ears forgot to hear anything...

Lips sealed...

Tongue forgot to speak anything...

Feet stopped in mid step..

There HE was standing with Haider...

In black T-shirt with grey jeans and Nike shoes.

He took off his shades and hanged  them in front of his shirt.

He looked in to my eyes and I starred in his brown orbes.


Beejan's teary voice appeared from behind.

Haider was standing beside him tongue tied.

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