Chapter 28

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"Dukh mil k sanwarain
Sukh mil k guzarain
Yar yaron se ho na juda...

Chahey jtni diwarain
Hosla phir na harain
Yar yaron se ho na juda..."


Tooba's p.o.v

I was busy in kitchen when I heard a manly cheerful voice from outside.

I turned to see Neha whose face's color has changed completely.

I called her but she was continuously looking at a random unknown spot.

I jerked her arm.

She said moving her hand on her face wiping sweat.

Its not that hot that she is sweating already.

"What happened? Why are you sweating? Are you alright?"

"Yea..yeah!! I am good."
She stammered and I nodded.

She was saying that she is fine but my agent brain was not allowing me to digest this.

I thought to leave this for now.

"Bhabhi come! Their is a guest."

"Coming.. Cone on Neha."
I held her wrist but she quickly freed her wrist.

"! You go. I am here in kitchen."
I tried to convince her but she was not bulging from her statement so I left her.

I went out of kitchen with a thought that whatever it is but the guest which is sitting in launch and his voice has some chemistry with Neha and her this behavior.

"Assalam o alikum."
I said entering in launch.

I saw a man of almost Rehab's age was sitting with Yusha bhai.
He looked towards me and stood up.

He was a handsome man and looking more decent in black shalwar kameez.

"Walikum salam. You must be my bhabhi."
He said smiling and I nodded.

"O my Allah! Finally my wish of meeting this lady killer's wife came true. "
He said putting his hand on chest looking at Rehab dramatically.

"He is my friend Zaroon khan."
Rehab introduced him.

I smiled and sat beside Rehab.

We talked for some time.

He was telling about his business and interests and asking about mine and many more.

But I saw no one was giving him importance except Rehab. Everyone was looking at him venomously.

"What he is doing here?"

We were interrupted by Saim's anger filled voice, ready to kill!

Zaroon bhai looked towards Rehab and everyone stood up.

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