chapter 8

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Tooba's p.o.v

I opened my eyes. It was a long night. Fajar Azan was calling out. I got out of the blanket and went washroom to do my ablution (wudu).
I came back and started searching prayer mat but I didn't find one so I moved towards rehab to ask him.
I called out but he didn't bulge.
"Hey.. Mr Mafia"
Still no response.
"Excuse me! Mr criminal."
Still no response.
OK! On which name he will respond I will call him with that name onwards.
I thought to my self before shouting high..
I screamed at the top of my lungs. He opened his eyes and sat with a jolt of electricity covering his ears.
"What the hell is this! Why are you screaming at this time?"
He snapped back trying to keep his eyes open.
"Ahh I.. Actually I want to pray fajar but couldn't find the prayer mat so, I want to ask that where is it and how should I spread it?"
I said playing with my nails.
Wow! They have grown beautifully.
"Hmm its in my cupboard. Third shelf from top and there is QIBLA. Spread it in this direction."
He said motioning with his fingers.
I was about to move and he lie down again hiding himself in blanket.
Is he not going to pray?
"Umm.. Are you not praying?"
I asked but didn't get answer.
Man what he is? Deaf or what?
I screamed again and he sat again with same speed.
"Woman can't you speak politely?"
"I was! But you are too deaf to hear me out."
I said rolling my eyes.
"Now get up and pray."
"No I want to sleep."
He said pulling blanket.
Like I will let you do that!
Without speaking a single word I went back to washroom and came back with a bucket full of water.
Here you go!!
"Hey criminal."
"Now what do.."
He was being interrupted by the cold water which I splashed on him.
He was taken aback by my sudden move.
I smirked and spread my prayer mat. When I was about to start my prayer I saw him coming out of washroom with same bucket.
I shouted and rapidly stepped on my prayer mat and started my prayer thinking that he will leave me seeing me praying.
Oh Allah! please leave me next time I won't wake anyone like this. But was I wrong? I was waking him for prayer. I can't touch him and he was not moving so this was the last option left.
I can still feel him coming closer to me and he was about to pour water on me when someone knocked on the door.
He moved towards door to open it. I left the breath which I was holding for so long.
"Wow you are awake already." I heard beejan's voice.
"Yeah actually for praying fajar. You know Fajar is very first and important part of the day as it is the first battle we win by praying against shaitan. It keeps our day safe and sound and protect us. It also makes us good looking by adding noor to our face. It also makes us intelligent."
Ohh ALLAH! How much of a dramawueen he is! Linear! I woke you up and now you are taking all credit.
I was about to complete my nmaz but he was still continued.
I made salam and saw him giving his "Benefits Of Fajar Prayer" speech to beejan who was watching him with a wow expression on her face.
"Yeah there ere many benefits of fajar prayer that's why you were not waking up to pray."
I said folding my arms on my chest. Beejan looked at him and now there was no sign of any wow expression.
"No no beejan. Its not like this.."
"Assalam o alikum beejan."
I interrupted him by saying salam to beejan who smilingly moved towards me.
"How are you my child?"
Beejan asked me when I was interrupted by that idiot.
"Beejan listen to me.."
"I don't want to talk to a hypocrite."
Rehab's jaw dropped to ground. Man! This is hilarious! A sight to record. I wish I could have a camera here.
I was rolling with laughter in my mind.
"I am fine beejan. How you are?"
I said holding her hands.
"I am all good. Did you slept well."

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