Chapter 35

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"It’s always better when we’re together. "

–Better Together by Jack Johnson

Rehab's p.o.v

"Sir are you sure na?"
I glared at usman who was continuously asking me same question since last hour.

"Oh come on Usman! Just do what I said to you. Call him!"
I said annoyingly.

"Sir but Haider sir will kill me if he get to know that you fell from stairs. He gave me many prescriptions."
Usman said worriedly.

I was in my warehouse and Usman is our cook here.

"Nothing will happen to you. This is my guarantee. Now call him."
He took his phone out but his hands were shaking.

"Usman call him!!"
I said sternly and he pressed call button.

I signalled him to turn on the speaker.

"Ass..assalam o alikum haider Sir!"

"Walikum salam!"
Haider's voice beamed from other side.

"Actually sir.. I want to tell you something."

"OK! Go ahead."

"Sir actually Rehab sir.."

"Yeah yeah what happened to that stupid now.."
Haider's voice beamed in room and my jaw dropped to ground  while Usman was stopping his laughter.

I glared at him and then at phone.

"Actually sir, Rehab sir fell from stairs and he has severe pain in his back now. He can't even move."

I put my hands on my ears or else this idiot is going to burst my ears.

"Yes..yes sir!!"

"Rehab!! Such a pack of tensions..!!"
Haider said angrily.

I rolled my eyes.

"OK I am coming.."

"No no sir! You don't have to come. Me and Jasim are dropping him at his home."

"OK! When will you leave from there?"

"Sir we are in the middle of our way."

"And you are telling me now?"

"Sorry Sir!!"

"Huh! OK come !"

Usman's car entered in porch and he and Jasim helped me to get out of car.

Beejan came running towards us.

"What happened ??"
She said touching my face and arms as if examining my wounds.

"Nothing beejan. I just fell from stairs."
I said weakly.

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