Chapter 42

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"One day, when I found you,
I lost myself somewhere!!"

Author's p.o.v

They all went running towards gate and saw a girl sitting on floor with her foot in her hand.

Her face was not visible because her heard was turned other side.

"Ya Allah!"
Neha spoke and ran towards the girl.

Boys were standing at some distance looking at her horrified.

"What is this way of welcoming someone?"
The girl said turning towards them.

They all said in union.

"I seriously want to rip the head off of the one who injured me. Who was being Shahid Afridi here?"
Ramza growled.

"The one who had bat in his hand. Your one and only brainless husband."
Haider said and burst into laughter.

Ramza's eyes landed on Saim who quickly threw bat behind.

She glared at him who gave her a sheepish smile.

"Come Ramza you need to change. Your clothes are messed up totally."
Tooba took the scattered shopping bags from ground.

Ramza nodded and tried to stand up but again fall.


"What are you watching Dumbo?
Take her to Neha's room. "
Rehab punched Saim's back and he stumbled and fell beside Ramza.

Saim glared at Rehab who winked at him.

Saim put his one hand under Ramza's legs and other on her back and with in a second he scooped her in his arms and started walking towards Neha's room.

Ramza's arms were around his neck while her eyes were lowered.

Neha stepped after them just to stop by Tooba.

"Where are you going?"

"To give her clothes."

"Wait! Don't go. Let them have some quality time in this awesome walay mousam !!"
She winked at Neha and everyone burst into laughter.

"You know why this atmosphere is being so beautiful today?"
Haider asked raising brow.

They said in Union.

"Because ..."

"Because I am here!!"

Someone completed his sentence.

Their heads snapped towards the direction of voice and Haider's jaw dropped to ground.

Tooba jumped in excitement and ran towards her.

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