Chapter 54

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"Khabon ma hai jo dunya wo sach ma basa lengey
Hum khud se rihaa hongey jis din tum aaogy.. "

Authors p.o.v

It's been ten days to that shooting incident and everything got back to normal by now.

Ibtihaj started to take classes from Tooba due to continuous pressure of Rehab.

It's his English examination after two days when he was sitting in launch with Tooba will all of his books and notes scattered around them.

It was 8 in evening but his work was still pending.

"Yar Bhabhi what the he'll is this UN?"
He said whinning like a baby and shoved his book in front of Tooba who was checking his essays which he wrote while ago.

"Chillax dude! Here.. let me explain you!"
She said calmly taking book from his hand.

She started reading and explaining passage by passage .

"So the nation's of the world came together in April 1945, and organised UNO (United Nations Organizations), or UN (United Nations) for short.
'Ler us not turn our eyes away from the sufferings of our neighbours.  Let us stretch the hand of brotherhood to one another. Let us unite to make the world a happier and better place . And let us there be peace and happiness, in the world,' they all cried."

She was too engrossed in reading and explaining that she didn't realize when Ibtihaj fell asleep.

She asked still looking down at  book but when didn't get answer even after asking twice , she turned towards Ibtihaj and seeing him sleeping like a cat made her jaw dropped to ground.


She shouted on her lungs putting the whole house up side down.

Rehab who was about to enter in launch startled badly.

Ibtihaj himelf stood up shouting.

"What happened? What happened? Is there any danger??"
Ibtihaj asked looking here and there whole  alert.

"You!! You happened!!"
Tooba narrowed her eyes on him while putting her hands on her hips.

"How dare you fell asleep while I was explaining."

Before Ibtihaj could reply  they hear a house busting laughter.
They turned towards the direction of voice and frowned seeing Rehab who was now clenching his stomach.

"Why are you laughing?"
They both shouted simultaneously.

"Ok..ok..sorry.. but tooba babes the red star on your nose tip is not helping at all."
Rehab said between laughter.

Tooba ran towards mirror with a jolt and again shouted.


"Tu gya beta!! "
(You are gone!!)

Rehab whispered near Ibtihaj who looked at him confused but all his confusion faded away when a hard cushion made it's way to his nose.

He whined while rubbing his nose.

"Who made star on my nose??"
She asked narrowing her eyes.

"Hehe...actually..when you were sleeping on my book I was getting bore so.."

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