Chapter 40

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"Mujhy fursat kahan k mousum suhana dekhun

Ma Teri zaat se niklun to zamana dekhun.."

Tooba's p.o.v

"I am telling you Tooba. Its going to rain today surely."
Rehab said looking outside the window sipping his coffee.

"No! I know it won't rain. These clouds will disappear after hour or two."
I said peeking outside over his shoulder.

"It will rain!"

"It won't rain."

"It will!"

"It won't!"

"Oh cut the crap yar. What you have to do with rain?"
I said annoyingly.

He leaned on wall and crossed his arms over his chest narrowing his eyes.

"Yeah what?"
I asked and crossed arms on my chest mirroring his action.

"I had nothing to do with it. It was saying just like that."
I hummed.

"Ha! Keep standing but it won't rain. I am telling you."
I said confidently.

He glared at me and again turned towards window.

I took cups and headed towaads kitchen.

When I came back after chanting and beating Haider my jaw dropped to ground finding him still looking at sky.

"It won't rain!"
I whispered near Rehab's ear.

He turned with a straight face.

I gave him a toothy grin and put my finger on my lips.

He again went back staring at sky.

"I am telling you!"
I patted his shoulder and whispered.

He turned around.

"What's with you and telling me again and again?"
He raised brow at me.

"Aah ! Nothing. Look I am going."
I said innocently and sat on bed.

"Allah!! I am going to die of Boredoms."
I said to myself holding my face in my palms.

I fell on bed and clutched pillow trying to sleep.

After some time which fell like hours when I couldn't sleep I sat up.

I looked towards window and guess what? He was still there.

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