Chapter 41

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"The distance between you and me, disappears with US."

-JR Rim

Author's p.o.v

Neha was looking in Zaroon's eyes while he was exploring every inch of her face which was glowing with water dripping from it by his scrutinizing gaze.

She came out of her trance when a drop of water poked her left eye.

She stepped back but stumbled due to Zaroon's grip on her forearms.

"Leave me or you are waiting for a song to ring in background and we will be looking in each others eyes with you gripping my hands?"
Neha said glaring at him who was not leaving him.

"If you want this then let it be."
He gave a heart warming smile and her heart missed a beat.

She lowered her he and and heard him chuckling.

Suddenly a deadly melodious tune rang in background and her eyes snapped towards him who was smirking at her.

"Look someone has fulfilled your this wish."
Neha's jaw dropped to ground.

🎵Kehty hain khuda ny
es jahan ma sabhi k lye
ksi na ksi ko hai
bnaya hr ksi k lye
tera milna hai
us rab ka eshara
mano mujhko bnaya
tery jsy hi ksi k lye
kuch to hai tujhse raabta
kesy hum janey
humy kya pta
kch to hai tujhse rabtaaa
Ku k tu dharkan meri!!🎵


hey again lost themselves under the effect of song.

They got out of their trance by footsteps coming towards them.

"Now satisfied? I was telling you that these speakers work but guys being your extra useless selves did not believe me."
They heard Haider's voice and Zaroon left her hands.

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