Chapter 29

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“Have you ever felt really close to someone? So close that you can’t understand why you and the other person have two separate bodies, two separate skins?” – Nancy Garden

Author's p.o.v

Everybody had gone calm. Boys were beyond happy to get their buddy back.

Neha was looking fresh after taking a sleep of 3 hours.

Tooba just went to kitchen to check everything.

"Bhabhi everybody had came. Where are you?"
Haider came in kitchen yelling.

"Yeah I am coming."
She said and they both headed towards launch.

It was 9 in evening.

"I guess now dinner should be served."
Beejan said looking towards Tooba who nodded.

"Everything is already served on table. Just need a little and quick touch up."
Tooba said while standing and Neha stood up but Tooba signalled her to sit back.

"Zara! Why don't you help me out?"

"Ye..yeah! Why not!"

She stammered and stood up.
They both headed towards garden where a huge table was set up.

After checking plates and glasses Tooba saw time on her wrist watch.

"Zaru! You stay here I am just coming. I forgot Rehab called me."
Zara nodded and Tooba left.

On the other hand ....

"Yusha bhabhi was calling you. She is in garden. "
Haider said Yusha looking at his watch.

Yusha stood up and went towards garden.

He saw a girl standing there fixing plates on table. Her back was facing him.

"Yeah Tooba you were calling beta?"
He said typing something on his mobile.

Hearing his voice, shivers ran to Zara's spine.

She turned back with a beating heart.

Yusha trailed and Zara's eyes filled with tears.

Zara said which was  more a whisper.

"For what?"
Yusha raised brow.

"For your marriage. I heard from Tooba that your marriage has been fixed."
Zara said in a shaky voice.

Yusha sighed.

"Well congrates to you too.."
Zara looked at him confused.

"I also heard that your mother has seen a boy for you. So that's why you also have a right to be congratulated. Right?"

Zara nodded and was about to run when Yusha held her wrist.

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