chapter eight

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tae pov

the rest of the car ride was quite relaxed on my half, i felt happy that y/n had felt comfortable enough to rest on my shoulder

i felt....proud? i don't really know why but i do know that i was getting jealous glances of jungkook ever since i had told them to not be too loud as y/n was sleeping

to be honest it was just jungkook giving me those jealous looks, most of them were

i knew i had started to feel protective over her but i didn't realise most of the others had also felt the same way, i guess it was nice to have some one to watch over and have a reason to keep going

'what if that changed when we got to her home town and she saw her parents? we were getting closer and closer to seoul! it wouldn't be long until she was back with her parents and wouldn't need us anymore! i don't want her to leave' i thought to myself

namjoon-"there is a nearby motel if you guys want to stay there for the night before we get going again?"

jimin-"that sounds like a good idea" he said, jungkook nodded as he began to drive towards a dim flashing light that read 'otel' i'm guessing the 'm' had fallen off or gotten broken

namjoon-"some one should go check it out to see if it is safe"

yoongi-"i'll go"

j-hope-"me too" and so one grumpy man and one jolly man left the car with torches as it had began it get dark and left into the motel to go see if it was safe

we sat there for a few minutes until we see yoongi and j-hope emerge again and signal that it is safe for us to go into

everyone begins to get out and i am about to pick y/n up but jungkook opens her car door and gently picks her up bridal style, i would squabble with him or try to get her back but i didn't want to wake her or anger an already jealous jungkook

he really had taken a liking to the young girl, all of us had

i walked next to jungkook and we followed the boys into the motel room that j-hope and suga had said we could use

it wasn't that bad, there were 2 double beds and 1 single

everyone began to put the bags they were holding down as i took one last look at our black locked van

jungkook had place y/n on the single bed and the other began to decide who would take the doubles

me, jungkook and jimin all squeezed into one of them which i didn't mind because when sleeping i like to hug things as being my child hood friends they knew that so would let me hug there backs or something

j-hope and yoongi got the other double bed while jin and namjoon slept on the floor inbetween the beds on pillow we had given them from our beds

soon after everyone went to sleep, i think we were all too exhausted to talk and discuss even though we should probably try get to know one and other better, i know jungkook and jimin very well as we have grown but together but, i only really know the names and that's it for the rest of the boys, i know i couple things about y/n but that's only really her name, age and about her parents so that isn't much help

anyway, i soon drifted off to sleep while cuddling someone next to me

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