chapter fifty-four

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thought i'd write this cute lil short chapter for you guys, this is probably the last one i'm gonna post till like the 23rd of june because of exams so if you see me posting before that then tell me to revise in the comments because i need all the reminders i can get- author

jungkook pov

time was passing rapidly as we joked and searched each section for anything and everything that we could put in our cart

well carts plural

?-"hello." we head which cause jin and hobi to jump while tae just calmly grabbed to walkie talkie and began talking into it


yoongi-"it's yoongi" he stated matter of factly "are you still shopping"

tae-"yeah we are just gritting some....things" he grins

yoongi-"good. i need you to get some teddy bears, as many as you can."

hobi-"i didn't see you as the type to love teddy bears"

yoongi-"it's not for me dimwit"

hobi-"that's what they all say" he mumbles

me-"we will get as many as we can for you so don't worry about that"

yoongi-"i wasn't worrying." is all we here before he ends the walkie talkie conversation

jin-"to the toy isle we goooo" he says while eagerly pushing the trolley, anyone would think he's the youngest

jin and hobi zoom away with the trolley go the toy isle and me and tae follow behind eagerly

i never expected to have this much fun in an apocalypse but here we are

practically ransacked, we grabbed the remaining teddies and other toys that seemed fun- tae making sure to grab some of the remaining nerf guns so i was aware there would definitely be a nerf gun war when we got home, just like when we were kids

hobi-"does anyone hear that?" he asks frantically in a quietened voice

me-"hear what?" i question before shutting my mouth to attempt to hear what ever he was talking about

tae-"are you su-" he began before jin slammed his hand over his mouth to tell him to shut it which earned jin a glare

a glare that quickly faded when we heard it

a low groan

the type of groan we have (unfortunately) become familiar too

the groan of a zombie


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