chapter six

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⚠️hints at themes of abuse and violence⚠️

Y/n's pov

i had been trying to call my parents for ages just to see if they were okay and check they were still alive but the same thing happened each time....answer phone.

i just want to know if my family is safe or not, is that too much to ask

i keep calling and getting my hopes up only to get let down again and again. tears are pooling in my eyes and i soon feel warm tears dripping down my face into my chin. i try to control my breathing although it's hard 'don't cry in front of them' , 'you can't cry in front of them' and 'they will think your weak' repeated again and again in my head and i tried to do as it said and held back the tears.

i wiped my tears from my face an tapped tae's shoulder letting him know i was done and he quickly turned around to take it. he looked into my eyes and i could feel tears building up again so i turned back to the window and just let them fall.

i suddenly flinched as i head a loud noise coming from the outside the car

me-"what was that?" i asked

namjoon-"a gun" he said as though i had just asked him what time it was

me-"what!?" i say in shock as any normal person would

another loud bang was heard but this time it made the car stop, they had shot one of the tires, yoongi and jimin quickly get out to fix the tire and get us moving and everyone starts to discuss what we are going to do.

namjoon- "everyone stay down okay?" he said and everyone nodded, most of the boys looked so cute for some reason, how? none of this is anything calm?

???-"OUT NOW BEFORE WE SHOOT YOU!!!" we heard a loud, deep voice say as i saw yoongi and jimin being held at gun point, i looked around frantically and saw the boys slowly getting out of the car so i follow them, hesitantly.

???-"HANDS UP!!" shouts the man holding jimin, one man points at some where to go sit so we do while they tie our hands behind our backs.

although we were all spread apart from one and other, i tried the move as close to tae as i could because i felt safe with him even though it didn't really work as their was someone stood behind each of us preventing us from running.

one of the men was in our car, searching it for goods, one began yelling something to another of them in another language and they kept glancing over at me which made me feel very uneasy and i think the boys noticed what they were doing as well because some looked concerned and the others looked angry

???-"YOU!" he yelled while pointing to me which made me flinch "YOUR COMING WITH US!"

me-"" i said while he walked over to me

???- "i didn't say you had a choice, sweetheart" i felt sick and tears began to form in my eyes as one of the men dragged me to stand, they reminded me of him, the man i grew up fearing

???-"come quietly or we will kill them all" he whispered in my ear, i looked back at the boys and knew i had to do as they said because i couldn't be the cause of their death

tae-"why do you even want her? there is no point, it would just be another person to take care of!" he says trying to get them to let me go

???-"who says we are planning on taking care of her?" what does he mean by that? let me go if you aren't planning on taking care of me!

tae-"w..what are you going to do with her?" he says in both anger and fear, his statement caused the men to chuckle which only made me more scared

???-"we need to restart the human population some how" he said slyly causing the boys to fill with anger, tears began to fall down my face uncontrollably, i felt sick and disgusted, 'they can't do this', 'it's just a bad dream' i kept repeating to myself again and again trying to reassure myself. all i wanted to do was get out of here, i wanted my parents more than ever now

i couldn't face the boys so i just looked down, before i did i saw there faces, some where angry at the men and some where scared for me

the one that was holding onto me by the waist picked me up and harshly threw me into a dark dirty van while my hands where still tied. he slammed the door shut and i could hear the boys arguing with them outside but i knew my fate was sealed

i began to cry even more as i unconsciously put myself into a ball position and began to rock back and forth while shaking

my breathing became a mess and my head was starting to ache from all the crying i had done today

suddenly, i heard more gunshots

i remembered what yoongi and namjoon where saying in the car about how they would shoot the ones they weren't turning into slaves which made me cry even more

they said if i went quietly then they wouldn't die!

i can't believe i have lost them. i lost the only people i have right now, the ball around me became tighter as i buried my head even lower into my knees

the door swung open but i couldn't bare to look up, i was petrified

i just closed my eyes tightly and tried to keep my breathing relaxed as i was scared they would shoot me too but that wasn't what happened

???-"are you alright?" an unfamiliar guy with a warm smile said as he cut the ropes that were around my wrist

i stared at him in confusion while he went to go back to where the boys where

i stayed sat in the dirty van because i wasn't ready to look out

i felt a familiar some one pull me into a tight warm hug and i immediately hugged him back because i knew it was tae. he wasn't dead after all

tae-"are you okay? did they hurt you?" he asked into my ear

me-"i'm fine, don't worry about me" i say in a kind of shaken voice accidentally giving away how scared i was, i felt the hug tighten

tae-"i won't let anything happen to you, i promise"

we stayed like that for a couple more seconds until he pulled out of the hug to look at me but i immediately put my head down to hide my tear-stained face.

he looked at me confused for a second before gently saying "y/n" and lifting up my chin revealingly face, i quickly wipe my tears and try to avoid eye contact.

"it will be okay, i promise" he says softly while holding my hand and leading us towards the other boys who were also still alive.

while we were walking i tried to keep my head down as much as possible but i noticed someone on the floor, the raider that had grabbed me was dead and covered in gunshot wounds

i wasn't sure weather to feel happy of disgusted but i guess i was relieved because now i have figured out that the man who untied me was shooting the bad guys, not the boys

we reached the others and their conversation died down as they saw me approaching while slightly hiding behind tae

i felt jungkook come to my other side and tightly squeeze my hand to let me know he was here for me which made me feel a bit more secure while the other boys looked at me which made me step back slightly as i didn't really like all the attention

???-"so...can we join you guys" says a guy that i hadn't noticed before, i guess he came with the guy who untied me

namjoon-"you can come with us but if you do anything then we will kill you" he said in a threatening voice

???-"that's fine, my name is jin by the way" he said in a calm tone

???-"im j-hope" said the guy who untied me while smiling at us

tae-"i'm taehyung and this is namjoon, yoongi, jimin, jungkook and y/n" he says while pointing to each one of us

namjoon-"we should probably get back in the car in case more come"


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