chapter thirteen

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still y/n's pov

me-"m-mum!" was the only thing i could say

i felt my heart physically shatter into a million pieces as i ran towards my mothers lifeless body

i grabbed my mother and held her tightly too me, shaking her, trying to wake her up even though i knew deep down that wasn't going to happen

me-"mum!!! wake u-up!!! p-please!" i managed to say between my sobs

i could hear tae's foot steps hesitantly follow behind me on the creaky floor boards

me-"p-pleaseee! you c-can't le-leave me here a-alone!!" i pleaded but it was no use, she was gone

i had never felt so empty

it was like i was numb

i only could feel the pain of loosing her

part of me had died when i found my mother like that

i held tightly too her body sobbing over her like a baby, praying that some how she could be saved, even though i knew it was impossible

i felt life less

i felt as though there was a void in my heart that could never be filled


the sound of wood moving downstairs caught my attention but i didn't move

...i couldn't move

my body had no energy, no motivation

tae had walked closer to the door and left the room to find that noise i am guessing as i continued to cry

i turned my eyes to the side as i saw some movement

i had never expected to see him like that

i had never wanted to and i wish i never had

i screamed loudly as i held my mother, fear and panic taking over my body as my own father, who had been turned into one of those monsters, came towards me with his blood covered hands

it had all clicked

he was the one who murdered my mother

my own father

i know he had no control over himself right now but that was just too much to bare

loud footsteps came up the stairs as tae came towards my father while holding a plank of wood and hit him multiple times until he calapsed on the floor

me-"no!" i said quietly although it had only come out as a whisper

tae's pov from the start of this chapter

y/n-"m-mum!" she yelled before running to the lifeless, decaying woman's body on the floor

my head broke seeing her like this

her small hands were wrapped around the woman's body as she shook her and begged her to wake up

y/n-"mum!!! wake u-up!!! p-please!" she said between her sobs

i couldn't bare it anymore, i began to walk along the creaky floor boards towards her tiny figure

y/n-"p-pleaseee! you c-can't le-leave me here a-alone!!" she cried

'your not alone y/n, i will always be here for you' i thought

she looked so broken


i heard a noise down stairs and looked at y/n before heading downstairs to see if one of the boys had come in to see what was going on

it was jungkook, he was stood in the doorway downstairs staring at me with wide eyes

jungkook-"tae are y/n's parents here? we are gonna have to go soon because zombies are coming out way from further down the street!" he said panicked but before i could answer we heard something

it was a petrefying scream

....y/n's scream

i grabbed a piece of wood from the stairs broken banister and ran to her with jungkook following close behind

she was sat holding onto her mother while staring at a zombie with ripped clothes coming towards her with blood covered hands

i immediately knew i had to protect her so began attacking that beast with the wood that i had found while jungkook stood staring

as it fell to the floor i heard y/n's little "no" as i looked to the side to see a picture in a frame of her and her mother with a man who i assume to be her father wearing the same coat as the zombies, only the zombies was more ripped and dirty

oh god

that was her father

i couldn't think too much about it as i remembered jungkooks words about the zombies heading our way

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