chapter twenty-seven

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y/n pov


a sudden loud noice arose from the side of the store where i assume the staff room would have been

the lights began to flicker and an ominous feeling surrounded me leaving me feeling scared and unsafe

me-"jimin, what's going on?" i whispered to him as i felt him getting closer to me

jimin-"i don't kno-" he began to whisper back till he was cut off by a low groan coming from that area

we began to think the worst... a zombie was with us

namjoon-"everyone head to the exit! me and jin will distract it!" he commanded

within seconds jimin had grabbed my hand with his bag in the other as he hadn't had chance to properly put it on and began to walk to the glowing red exit sign

my heart began to race as the lights were turning on less and less as if the system had been messed with and the room was only covered in the luminous red colour of the exit sign that spread across part of the large shops hall

everything was going as smoothly as it could in this situation until we heard the sound of crisp packets being dragged and stomped in as something attempted to walk through them

then the sound of stacked bottles being pushed down, isles being knocked and the one i was fearful of

a low dark groan

by then we had realised that we weren't alone, there wasn't just one zombie with us, there was as whole deadly army of them heading our way to take us down

the pace in which jimin was walking accelerated but not by much as we were now having to stare carefully at the floor to try and insure we made no noice to attract them

but i guess it was all for nothing

one had already found us

with all his might, jimin pushed me towards the closest isle shelf that i could stay behind which happened to be the half empty tool isle

jimin-"stay here and stay down! i will come and get you when it is safe" he whispers to me on an authoritative tone like the one namjoon uses when he wants us to do something

i gazed at him for the last time with fearful eyes as he left me and headed out towards the monster while holding the closest thing he could which happened to be a screw driver

jimin stood firm and brave like a solider a couple meters away from me and waited while the zombie slowly trudged towards him, drowning and leaving a trail of fresh blood behind him

'are the others okay?' i began to think while keeping an eager eye on jimin to make sure he was doing well

the zombie drew closer and closer like a weeping angel, every time the light flickered to appeared much closer than before, glaring at jimin with empty, hungry eyes

it all happened so fast once it was close enough for jimin to hit it, he grabbed his screw driver and impaled it straight through the monsters head and then began to continuously stab it which seemed to disorientate it and leave me in a shocked state

i was just staring at jimin and feeling slightly nauseous due to all the blood and everything

i wanted to help him so we can get it over with and leave but i did f want to disobey him

besides he was dealing with the one zombie well

i was watching intensely while worrying about the others and him until something caught the corner of my eye

'did something move?' i thought while frantically seeing another of it the creatures coming from down the isle towards jimin

he hadn't seen it

if i yelled then i would distract him and then the zombie infront of  him will get him

if i didn't yell then he wouldn't know and then the zombie behind him will get him

oh god

what do i do

i began to panic until i realised a way to save jimin

i grabbed a hammer from the tool stand and began to slowly walk towards the second zombie who hadn't seen me yet but was getting dangerously close to jimin

i couldn't loose him, i couldn't loose anyone of them, they are my family now

with everything i had, i hit the zombie over the head with the hammer in hopes of knocking it over

thankfully my plan worked and by coincidence, jimin had knocked his zombie over too

he stared at me with wide eyes as he was realising what happened

i just felt tears building up in my eyes

it reminded my of what happened with my parents

namjoon-"EVERYONE OUT NOW!" he tells and jimin grabs my hand and drags me out towards the exit

it was already getting dark outside as we saw the others and all began to run together

tae grabbed me and hugged me so i hugged back, he was probably worried

jungkook-"um guys, i think we have a problem"

(author here, a reader suggested that y/n should save them so i decided to write this part, thank you @Author_sam1  for the idea)

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