chapter fifty-three

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yoongi's pov

peacefully, i sat in my room on top of my bed as per usual, enjoying the quiet and alone time you would think someone would get when majority of the population was dead

but anyway

that's besides the point

i was enjoying the space and peacefulness that could be brought while in my room

well that was until there was a knock at my door

i tried to ignore it but the door was just knocked again so i gave in

me-"come in"

and just like that, namjoon and jimin come into my room, heads facing the ground to avoid eye contact

me-"hello?" i ask

jimin-"um....we have a problem"

me-"so? what's that to do with me?"

jimin-"we.." he stops and looks at namjoon before continuing "um... need your advice with...." and then he stops again and looks at namjoon expectingly

me-"we'll go on then" i inquired, starting to become slightly frustrated

namjoon-"well the thing is" he finally begins "we went into y/n's room and i may have accidentally broken her teddy..."

me-"what do you mean by 'broken'?"

namjoon-"well...-"he begins before being interrupted by jimin

jimin-"he tore it in half"

me-"jesus what are you namjoon? the god of destruction?"

namjoon-"it was an accident i swear" he defends which leads me to sigh

me-"well there is nothing to be done about it now, so don't worry about it"

jimin-"the thing is, we think y/n is really upset about it"

me-"wait she's upset? why? it's just a stupid bear?"

namjoon-"i don't know but she made us leave her room"

me-"well understandable, i don't really want you in my room either" i add which leads jimin to dramatically put a hand on his chest as if deeply hurt by my actions

namjoon-"she never kicks us out though and is normally more than happy to have us with her"

me-"she's just being dramatic. she should be lucky to even have a toy in these circumstances. i'll go have a word with her for you." i stated while standing up and heading towards my door, simultaneously kicking them out of my room

this girl honestly

she really just needs to grow up

it's a toy for christ sake

i knock on her door and when i hear an overly aggressive "what" i let myself in

unfortunately, i am greeted with a sight i did not expect nor prepare to see

y/n sat on her bed, holding what i can only assume to be the broken teddy and wiping tears from her cheek

me-"are you okay?" i ask, feeling all sense of anger leaving my body at this devastating sight

she gives me a shy nod and then faces down but i can tell it's to hide the tears that had already been threatening to escape her red eyes

me-"how come it meant so much to you?" i gently question, not wanting to upset her further

she takes a deep breath before raising her head to face me

y/n-"it looked like the teddy bear my parents gave me as a kid and it just made me feel so happy and safe to have it around because my parents told me even when they weren't with me, the teddy would protect me" she states in a tone that could easily be mistaken as a whisper "i knew it obviously wasn't true and wouldn't actually protect me but it just reminded me of them.... it made me feel like i was still partially with them even though i know that they are gone..."

it all made sense

the bloody bear made her feel safe which is why she got so upset

i guess she wasn't just being dramatic, i just wasn't been understanding

a small sob escapes her lips as i pull her into a hug and rock her gently until she falls asleep

after ensuring she is settled, i leave the room in search for the walkie talkie so i can instruct the boys who are shopping that it is necessary that they return with as many teddy's as the shops have to offer

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