chapter thirty-five

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y/n pov

jin-"about time! the food has been going cold while we waited for you too!" jin yelled as me and hobi entered the room

jimin-"what's got you in such a chipper mood?" he stated as i realised all of them were looking at us suspiciously which made my face begin to turn slightly pink due to the embarrassment

j-hope-"oh nothing that you have to worry about. now let's sit down my little sunshine!"

jungkook-"my little sunshine?" he whispered lowly to a yoongi who was already rolling his eyes

i sat down in the spare seat next to taehyung and jin while namjoon was opposite me (jimin was next to taehyung, yoongi and jungkook were opposite tae and jimin while j-hope was next to namjoon)

jin began to serve some spaghetti with what i am guessing is a tomato based sauce into mine and j-hope's bowls since the others already were served

we all began to eat and it was quite quiet, it wasn't like awkward but it was still kind of uncomfortable

well i thought it was due to the confused stares i was receiving from most of the boys other that j-hope who was just happily eating his food and yoongi who really didn't care

tae-"why did you call her your little sunshine?" he said breaking the silence which cause everyone to look at j-hope

j-hope-"because that's the nickname i have given her" he said casually

tae-"but why?"

j-hope-"well she is very bright and cute so she is a little ray of sunshine! besides she gave me a nickname so why shouldn't i give her one?" he said smugly, proud that he had a nickname

jimin-"wait what"

j-hope-"yeah i'm her hobi!"

jungkook-"how come he got a nickname?" he said looking at me

namjoon-"i got one two" he said trying to rub it in that he got one first

jimin-"even you?"

namjoon-"yes, even me" he said while glaring at jimin before softening his gaze and averting it to me "she calls me joonie"

i just stared into my spaghetti and tried to eat it as fast as i could so i could leave and avoid this conversation

tae-"how come i didn't get one y/n?" he said sounding like a mix of both hurt and jealous

yoongi-"care to explain y/n?" he said with a playful grin, trying to stir the pot, he's a little rascal

i sighed and then began

me-"i mean you all have nicknames but i don't say them aloud, besides i said those two by mistake! they weren't meant to know about the nicknames!" i said defending myself with a face that now resembled a tomato

jin-"what's mine?"

yoongi-"do we really have to do this now?" he said voicing what i thought perfectly

jin&tae&jungkook&jimin-"yes!" which earned a groan from yoongi

life is cruel to me.


me-"well... you're worldwide handsome, you are taetae, you are kookie, you are chimchim" i whispered out

the names seemed to excite them greatly

and they say i'm the child

jungkook-"how come he's world wide handsome?"

this caused jin to scoff

jin-"because of my handsome face" he said while posing which caused some chuckles and some eye roles

namjoon-"what's yoongi's name?" he asked playfully

these boys are all rascals.

yoongi-"don't. you. dare."

jimin-"tell us!!"

me-"yoongi is...." i gulped sue to the threatening eyes he was sending me "yoongles" i said under my breath

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