chapter fifty-one

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(this chapter is inspired by a suggestion from my friend author sam! i'm really sorry for the delay in posting, i have been really busy and have lots of exams and i planned on posting this yesterday but there was a big storm and it messed up the wifi. also, i am thinking of writing a book of just random short stories -probably just one chapter long ones- so you will be able to read those if ever bored, idk if i'm gonna have them all kpop related but i might just make two of them, one being kpop related and the other just being random ones. another also, i am also thinking of writing a book with more reader input which i will post about soon it soon as a separate book so please please check it out so you can see if it is something that interests you)

y/n pov

i get everything ready for my shower until i hear a knock at the door which i swiftly go to answer


tae-"i'm going shopping with the others so you are staying here with jimin, namjoon and yoongi. if you need anything then let me know now and if you remember something then just ask namjoon if you can use the walkie talkie. please make sure to stay safe and walkie talkie if anything happens, okay?"

me-"i will tae, i don't think i need anything at the moment and you are the one that needs to stay safe since you will be going out into the world, please make sure to keep in contact with us" he gives me a small nod while releasing a light chuckle

tae-"will do kiddo"

me-"i'm not a kid."

tae-"sure you aren't" he says smugly to which he receives a glare from me which only makes him laugh

tae-"well i will see you later, bye y/n" he says which enveloping me into a large embrace

me-"bye tae"

he gives me a final squeeze then heads off down the hall to set off, i pop my head out the door and give a wave to the boys which only hobi seems to see at first but the others soon notice after he gives a large wave and yells "see you later y/n" so i end up getting a wave goodbye from them all

i finally head back to my bathroom for the shower that i have been very much needing

locking the door, i then on the water and look at myself in the mirror before i get in

i have changed so much since the whole apocalypse

i have lost quite a lot of baby fat on my face and some weight round my stomach too which  could just be a result of the different and less meals compared to how i would snack at home

luckily i still get to eat though, i can imagine there are some people with out food but fortunately for me and the boys, we soon will become self sufficient due to the garden we are growing

that reminds me, after my shower i should head to the garden and check how the plants are doing

eventually i step into the shower and feel my whole body relax as the water surrounds me like a warm blanket

i feel the sweat and any other dirt that managed to pile up on me since my last shower slipping away, as i manage to greet cleanliness once again

after about twenty minutes of cleaning my body, washing my hair and having strange shower thoughts such as: 'you can't stand backwards in stairs', 'light bulbs were such an amazing idea that they themselves, became the symbol of a good idea' and 'water is what rainbows actually taste like'

i get changed into the joggers and top i had left out earlier

once i am ready, i head to the garden and begin to make mother jin proud by taking care of the plants and reading the harry potter book from the boys

namjoon pov

jimin-"show me! show me!" jimin begins to whine while jumping up and down which makes me laugh

me-"but what if she sees?" i question

jimin-"she won't! she just went to the garden, so please show me!!"

me-"ugh fine"

during a conversation we had this morning, some how we got onto a topic that allowed me to mention the teddy bear in y/n's room and jimin has been asking to see it all morning

actually not asking, begging

we couldn't go in earlier because she was in the shower and it would be super creepy to be snooping while she was showering, i mean imagine if she left and just saw us stoop there like:🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️

it's a no from me

but now that she's not, i don't really have an excuse

we knock on the door just to be safe but she doesn't answer so we head in

me-"it's just under here" i say while grabbing it from under here pillow

jimin-"omg it's so lovely! lovely! lovely!" he says while grabbing it out of my hand

abruptly, we heard a creak from outside the door so i immediately grab the teddy from jimin's surprisingly small hands, ready to shove it back under that pillow and head out of her room

but unfortunately

as always

something goes terribly wrong.

we both turn in horror as we look at the stuffing on the floor and the torn in half teddy bear that had been in pristine condition only a couple moments earlier

jimin-"oh shit"

namjoon-"i- what are we going to do?"

jimin-"you're the smart one! you think of something"

i would have scolded him for putting himself down but i had more pressing problems for address at the moment like how on earth we were gonna fix this

namjoon-"maybe she will be okay with it?"

jimin-"i really hope so"

to make matters worse, the door swings open to reveal y/n, stood in the door way, staring at us as if questioning our presence in her room

swiftly, we hide each half of the teddy behind our backs and give her an awkward smile

y/n-"you alright?" she asks, suspicion evident in her voice

jimin-"yep, yep, all good, you?"

y/n-"mmm i'm good.." she pauses "what are you doing in my room?"

jimin-"oh, you know, just um, namjoon would you like to share why we are in y/n's room"

me-"i- umm"

y/n-"is that... is that stuffing on my floor?" she asks while walking closer to us and noticing the small pile on the floor

jimin-" we can explain, go on namjoon..."

me-"i um i wanted to show jimin your teddy but we accidentally broke it, we are really sorry" i say and slowly move the piece of teddy infront of myself, jimin does the same with his piece

she just stares at the teddy and doesn't say a word

jimin-"are you okay y/n?" jimin asks after about 20 seconds of silence

y/n-"im fine." she says with an expression less face

me-"are you sure beca-"

y/n-"yes. shut the door on your way out." she states bluntly while walking past us and heading to her bed

jimin-"y/n we-" he begins to speak but seemingly has no idea where he is going with it so stops

y/n-"you should go." she says harshly

me and jimin look at each other then back at her but she doesn't look back at us

reluctantly, we head out of her room

'we really messed up' i thought to myself

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