chapter thirty-seven

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y/n pov

absolutely fabulous

i am currently tying my shoe laces and getting ready to go on an outing with yoongi that namjoon *kindly* set up

yoongi-"ready?" i hear his loud voice behind me which slightly startles me

i can sense the smirk and i don't even have to look at him

finally standing up, dusting off my clothes and grabbing my pretty much empty backpack from the side, i answer him


yoongi-"good" he states and unlocks the large door ahead of us and guides me out of it before stepping out himself

namjoon-"have fun!" he suddenly says from behind us and proceeds to shut the door while giving us a bright smile


yoongi-"we don't have all day, y/n" he states and i realised he had already started walking off without me

me-"....right" i say while shyly following behind him

where are we even going?

like i know the woods but where abouts?

does he even know or is he just guessing?

after around what i assume to be eight minutes i decided to break the silence and ask


yoongi-"hm?" he says without turing to look at me

here goes nothing

me-"do you even know where we are going?"

that caught his attention

he turned to look at me and raised his eyebrows while giving me a 'what do you think?' look with his eyes which made me feel utterly stupid

me-"right, sorry" i apologise, now feeling stupid, and continue walking in the direction he was and luckily so did he so i didn't have to led us to this mysterious location

wait a second

what are we even doing?

all i know is that i am following one of the most intimidating men i know into the woods on what namjoon said was one of the 'more dangerous tasks'

what was that supposed to mean?

i feel like i'm going to get murdered

unfortunately, knowing my luck, i was too deep into my thoughts to realise that there was a tree right infront of me

a couple centimetres away

i nearly bumped into it


that was until a cold hand grabbed my arm and yanked me to the left letting me come close to colliding with the floor which thankfully snapped me back into reality

me-"i- how di- wha-" i started wittering trying to process what just happened till it was inturupted by his chuckle

yoongi-"you are so dumb"

excuse you.

i was about to argue back until he pulled a rusty axe out of his bag

an axe

a bloomin axe

he was just carrying that around

so casually

i don't know weather to be impressed or scared

from the looks he gave me earlier, i would say scared

yoongi-"stand over there" he ordered while pointing to a space on the left of him

standing still in the place he pointed, i stared at home and he gestured for me to more further back so i did

it was then when he began to swing his axe on the trees branches which caused them to fall on the ground

after doing that for a solid five minutes, plenty were on the ground and he began to start chopping the large branches into half's or thirds so so we could fit them into our backpacks

while he was doing that i was going round and collecting the ones he had chopped and placing them into my backpack and filling it so then i could move onto his which was placed by another tree, a little to the right of where we were stood now


quickly turning my head, i stared whose eyes into the woods

looking to yoongi i realise he didn't look towards it and just continued his job

i think my mind is playing tricks on me

i could have sworn i head a noise

confused, i just continued my job of collecting the wood and putting it into my backpack, ignoring my racing heart and the uneasy feeling in my stomach


there it is again

me-"did you hear that yoongi?" i ask in a fright

no reply

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