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this isn't needed to read, it just adds some info so skip if you want :)

p.s. i edit this from time to time to add in new details and stuff of that nature so don't worry about having to read it as you probably won't miss much

y/n is a very playful, childish and quite innocent girl despite being 14. she has a dark past which we will learn over time which can make her scared and cling to those that she trusts. there is a zombie apocalypse going on and she is without her parents, she is now with a group of seven men who will take care of her all while being a shy teenage girl

-this is the first story i am writing so i apologise if it is not good, suggestions are welcome
-i started writing this in 2020 but i didn't start publishing it until a couple months ago so it may not be good due to me being younger at the time (i am slowly going through and editing the chapters to sort them out)
-this story has themes of abuse, assault, death and things like that throughout to give the story a more mature aspect, i have put '⚠️' around certain chapters so you know what to avoid if you don't want to read that
-feel free to suggest things you would like to happen no matter how detailed or vague
-if you feel as though a certain member is getting less lines please let me know and i will write more for them to say or do
-some chapters are very short and others are much longer but if i post a short one then i will try post another chapter as soon as i can to make up for it
-my new upload schedule (decided as of 16/3/21-even though i started it before) is at least once a week but most likely more than once
-so i got an illness (as stated in my only none story related chapter) so i may not post as regularly as i and you may want but i will try to get back up to my schedule since i did take a break
-i also recently read a comment which said y/n was boring and useless and i'm so sorry if you feel this way, i started writing this when i was younger but didn't post it and then when i did and it started to get reads so i just kinda went with it but i will try and develop her personality as the book continues however i do want to keep portraying her as having many emotions and reacting to things as i feel as though many of us would be an absolute mess in this type of situation and she just needs to find her place in the team so that she can begin to develop more as a person as that is what you do in your teenage years and with an apocalypse it would probably adjust that growth and development both mentally and physically(sorry if that doesn't make sense)

thank you for reading

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