chapter forty-eight

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jin-"y/n could you go get some pebbles from the front garden so we can section things off since all the ones here are on the floor showing where the fence should be?"

me-"yeah sure" i said while heading off

making my way through the house i see a smiling namjoon exiting a bedroom followed by a messy haired and frown covered face yoongi

it took everything i had not to laugh at him

well until i got out of ear range anyway

i entered the front of the house to see and already making progress with the fence

jungkook-"good morning y/n"

tae-"how did you sleep"

me-"i slept okay, you?"


tae-"i slept alright"

jungkook-"alright? you were out like a log the second you got in bed"

tae-"what did you want me to say? 'i slept fandabbydosey'?"

jungkook-"yes. that's the only thing i want you so say. ever."

tae-"your so stupid"

jungkook-"and your fabdabbydosey"

tae-"anyway what are you here for? are you joining us?" he asks after sending a final glare to the younger boy

me-"i'm just here to collect rocks"

(it's about drive! it's about power! we stay hungry! we devour! put in the work. put in the hours and take what's ours!!!) if you don't understand the reference then i am so so sorry, i swear i am not insane


me-"yes, rocks" i say while beginning to get some

tae-"i mean sure, whatever you want" he says while go wing me judgey eyes

me-"jin needs them for something" i say while continuing to pick up rocks from the floor

tae-"oh okay"

me-"did you think i was just collecting them for fun or something?"

tae-"i mean you are a bit strange sometimes" he states before bursting into a laugh

me-"hey!" i say while joining them in a laugh

jungkook-"well i hope you have fun with your rocks"

me-"i will thank you very much" i say while walking away from those fools

being careful not to drop any, i sped through the house to see jin sat on the floor

me-"having fun down there?" i question

jin-"yes, just waiting for you"

i wasn't expecting a yes but you do you i guess

me-"i got the rocks" i state while proudly displaying them

jin-"ooo good now we can begin" he claps his hands together like a child then grabs some rocks from my hands

he kneels on the floor and starts placing the rocks in lines to form large squares close to one and other

shortly after he begins, i join him until we have nine stoned off areas

jin-"so we can put the potatoes in this one, the lettuce here, the cucumber in that one and tomato in that one"

me-"yeah and then the raspberries in that one, the strawberries next to it and then the pear and apple trees over there"

jin-"we are just too smart"

me-"of course of course"

jin-"okay now we need to loosen the dirt and then water it so by the time we actually add in the seeds, the ground will have enough nutrients" he stated (i don't know if this is right because i'm not a pro gardener so this is my best attempt at what i imagine one must do when gardening)

he then proceeds to grab a stick and loosen some of the dirt

jin-"enjoying the view?"

me-"oh right sorry"

we begin to line off where everything must go and we decided to leave space for a path that we would collect more stones for later to make it look super cute

after that task, we then water all the areas where the seeds will grow before lugging our exhausted bodies inside to start preparing some dinner since everyone has been working all day and needs some type of food so then we can all go straight to bed

okay guys it's the author here and i'm currently in the process of planning some other books and i wanted to know weather i should keep the person as 'y/n' or give her an actual name, let me know what you think and if you think of an actual name then please give me some suggestions :)
[i will be keeping her as 'y/n' in this story so don't worry, that won't change]

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