chapter twenty-six

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y/n pov

i sat at a window seat with tae sat next to me and jimin sat next to him

namjoon and jin were in the front while the other three were in the back

i had put my backpack on my knees and just stared out

everything was...


well not exactly gone

the things were mainly still there i guess, but not the same

we drive past a stop sign that is half torn and now much redder than it once had been as it was now dripping with blood

the grass next to the pot hole covered road was all shredded and covered in what appeared to be humans

whole families were lying there, slaughtered

it reminded me of my family

without realising tears began pooling in my eyes

i miss them

i miss them so much

my mum and dad were always supporting me and helping me

but i couldn't help them during their time of need

feeling a hand go round my shoulders and pull me in for a hug i knew it was tae

tae-"don't look outside, okay?" he whispered to me in a reassuring tone, probably realising what was wrong with me

i nodded but he still stayed with his arm around me which i must admit did calm me down

jin-"we are here" he said nonchalantly while parking

we all began taking off our seatbelts and getting our bags ready when namjoon cleared his throuat which grabbed everyone's attention

namjoon-"so we will all stay together and if we do need to separate make sure to stay in pairs" tae tightened his grip around me so i assure he was telling me to stay with him "only grab things that we need like food, water, toilet paper, a couple clothes and a towel each"

j-hope-"we should also grab vegetable seeds so we can grow our own food"

namjoon-"good idea, now let's go" he said while opening his car door, the rest of us swiftly followed

we all began walking towards the store after jin locked the door

the paint on the sign was pealing away with time while the cracks on the paved area were becoming more prominent with no one there to take car of it

i couldn't see any zombies or any people near us as we walked through the broken glass doors that had probably been violently smashed as people had been trying to get food or escape the zombies

my thoughts were only proven right when i saw the state of the shop

food was all over the floor like a child had a tantrum and made a mess in a fit of rage

shards of glass and clusters of dirt accompanied the food on the floor which made it increasingly hard to walk on

jimin-"y/n" he said which caught my attention causing me to look up from the floor and instead at him

me-"yes jimin?"

jimin-"should we go together as a pair?" he asked and i was about to answer until i was interrupted


tae-"she can be my partner"

jimin-"tae i can take care of her!"

namjoon-"we don't have time for this! jin you are with me, j-hope you are with yoongi, jungkook you are with tae and jimin you are with y/n, stay with you partner, fill up your bags as meet back her in 20 minutes, got it?" he said causing tae to glare at jimin and everyone else to go stand with their partner and nod

namjoon-"okay good, now everyone must get their own clothes, j-hope and yoongi get seeds and things to grow, tae and jungkook get everyone towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste, y/n and jimin get toilet paper, soap and other bathroom things and me and jin will get food, now let's go"

jimin held my hand tightly but not too much so it didn't hurt while we walked to the first isle which had bathroom thing in so we grabbed a multipack of toilet paper that we could carry and put some soap into jimins bag

we then walked slightly down the row a bit and he casually stopped and turned around as though he was looking at something which confused me at first until i realised he had stopped at the pad isle and didn't want me to feel embarrassed so i lightly chucked while putting many packs in my bag and even packing a razor or two while he wasn't looking

me-"shall we go get clothes?" i asked while tapping his shoulder so he knew we could go

jimin-"good idea"

together we walked two minutes towards the clothing isle that didn't have that much option but at least it was something

i grabbed a couple tops, joggers, jackets, shorts, socks and underwear and folded them to be as small as the possibly could before squeezing them into my bag while made it much heavier than it originally had been

while i was looking around the store, i see a small brown teddy that was on one of the shelf's and it reminded me of home so i grabbed it and put it in my bag as well

noticing that jimin had done too i began to walk over to home so we could walk back to the others till we heard a loud crash


(hi guys it's the author here and someone had commented asking why she doesn't call the oppa and stuff and it's mainly because i am not korean and didn't want to be all cringe and like try be a part of the thing and i didn't know weather that would be like wrong to call them it so let me know what you think, do you want me to start calling them it? also i am really sorry if this little message doesn't make sense, i have just finished writing this chapter before bed and i am so so tired)

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