chapter twenty-eight

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y/n pov

we all turned to see what jungkook was talking about and safe to say, we were screwed

in the place of our big van was now just shattered glass in piles on the floor

in that moment we knew the car had been raided while we were in the shopping area

yoongi-"what the f*ck are we meant to do now?!" he asked angrily but no one knew what to say

no one knew what to do

no one knew a thing

namjoon-"we have to walk home" he replied in an angry tone while rubbing his temples

yoongi-"it's miles away!" he exclaimed

namjoon-"well it's going to be night soon so we can either walk or stand here and wait for zombies to eat us" he stated aggressively earning a sigh from yoongi

and like that we all set off walking

jin and namjoon were walking at the front since they were in the front of the car and paid more attention to the way then the rest of us had done

then it was yoongi and j-hope together, j-hope was happily telling stories and making jokes to yoongi who was walking angrily next to him, clearly not pleased that he couldn't sleep in the car on the way back

i was really tired too

next it was jungkook and jimin who were a mix of complaining about the situation and laughing at everything

lastly, it was tae and i, he was walking next to me but not talking, which i wouldn't mind but his face was angry which kinda scared me

normally his face is really nice and warm and i know he is kind but, the expression he has on is sending shivers down my spine

although we were in different lines, we were all still stood very close with one and other which was nice, all of us together made me feel slightly safer while walking around in the dark

we had been walking for around 40 minutes now, tae still not talking to me but i could feel his eyes on me every so often, i think he is annoyed

my feet hurt from all the walking, my back hurts from the heavy back pack and i could barely keep my eyes open

it's safe to say i was definitely out of breath

i could feel stitches arising in my stomach which really didn't help with the painful cramps that were already there causing me to use every fibre of my body not to collapse on the floor in pain

i hadn't realised that i had completely slowed my walking down

i was sluggishly trudging my feet along the ground and gripping onto my stomach with my eyes tightly shut closed while attempting to lessen the pain which obviously, knowing my luck, didn't help

it was too much

i was exhausted, in excruciating pain and very dizzy

the world around me began to spin as i slowly felt myself getting closer to the floor till i finally collapsed

one hand on the floor, the other one holding my stomach

my eyes were pooling with tears but at this point, i didn't care weather they fell

tae pov

i was annoyed

annoyed by everything

at the situation

and at myself

how could i be so stupid to allow y/n to come with us?

she could have gotten hurt

she's been through so much at a young age in a short period of time so who knows what's going through her head

i should have protected her and stayed with her the entire time, or better yet made her stay at home with someone

we had been walking next to one and other for a while when i started to get lost in my thoughts, that was until i head the sound of something hitting the floor

i assumed it was like y/n's backpack or something still i turned round and saw her a couple metres away from us on the floor holding her stomach while shaking

me-"y/n!" i said i a loud voice while rushing over to her side to see if she was okay which caught the others attention as they swiftly followed after me

i picked up her chin gently to see tears falling down her face

me-"what's wrong?" i asked calmly as she hugged me

jungkook patted her as she said

y/n-"it hurts" quietly

me-"your stomach?" i asked and she nodded into my chest

we had all pieced together that she was having cramps so yoongi took off her back pack and carried it which slightly surprise down me as those two seem to have quite a love-hate relationship

i was about to pick her up and give her a piggy back but i didn't think that would be good given her current situation so instead i picked her up bridal style and we all began walking again

while i let out a soft chuckle, i felt her snuggle herself into my chest probably for warmth and quickly fell asleep afterwards

we had now been walking for another 45 minutes and around 5 minutes ago, jin had taken her from me to give my arms a bit of a break which i was kinda thankful for as they were getting tired but i miss the warmth she gave off and knowing that she was safe

i was now walking in between jungkook and jimin as we talked about random things just like we did when we were in high school

j-hope-"guys!" he ways to us all


j-hope-"look!" he pointed and we all followed his finger until we saw it

a small car

thank god

it wasn't big like the van we had been in before but there was still enough room if we all squished in a lo

and when i say a lot

i mean a lot

y/n was now inbetween jungkoook and jimins laps who were squished as anything both sharing a seat and a half

namjoon, jin and yoongi were all in the front, namjoon had his own seat as he was driving but the other two shared

me and j-hope shared the other one and a half seats that were left by jungkook and jimin, i was sat at the window seat

i noticed that j-hope began to play with y/n's hair and make it into tiny little plaits which i though was very cute

we would now be at home much faster than we would have been before since we were all great full for since we were ten minutes away from passing out onto the floor if we kept walking

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