chapter forty

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yoongi pov (back in the forest)

i quickly turned back around, dropping all the wood i had been holding and running over to the area where i had left y/n

'god sake why would i leave her?' i thought as the dried leaves crunched beneath my feet

that's when i saw her, and more importantly what caused her scream

a zombie

using the axe, i began to violently swing it at the creature while y/n got up and ran in the direction i came from

blood was beginning to spray everywhere and coat the blade of the axe as it tore at the creatures clothes

the stench of its decomposing body filled my nose and made me want to throw up as it got closer to me

it took a final swing straight through its neck to end its monstrous life and free me from the fight

not waiting a second, i frantically turned around and headed to the direction of y/n while dropping the axe

me-"are you alright?" i question, even though the answer was obvious, while i held both her arms and looking round her body for any open cuts

y/n-"i'm okay" she says quietly

me-"did it bite you?" i ask


me-"thank god" i say while pulling her close to me and embracing her in a warm hug that it looked as though she so desperately needed, "lets get out of her" i say while stroking her hair to calm her and then gently pulling away

i keep a tight hold on her hand as we walk over to grab the axe as well as our backpacks and shove in any spare wood we can

backpacks now on our backs, an axe in one hand and y/n's hand in the other, we ran through the woods to escape being out here at night

it took only around 15 minutes for us to be able to see our home where we could already hear yelling from the inside

'here we go' i thought as i opened the door and gently pushed y/n in before shutting it

me-"we're back!" i yell causing a kerfuffle of foot steps to charge towards us

sorry that the chapter is short, i have just gotten back from a holiday that my friend had taken me on so i couldn't write anything but i promise to post another soon-author

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