chapter fourteen

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tae's pov

i quickly passed jungkook the wood before walking over to pick up y/n

y/n-"no! get off!!!" she screamed at me while trying to get out of my grip

me-"y/n please" i said gently

y/n-"leave me here! tae just leave me!!" she screamed at me while pushing me away

i could feel my eyes getting glossy

jungkook-"guys we have to go now!"

y/n-"noo!! leave me here!! let go of me!!" she screamed to me as i held her tightly against me and ran down the stairs with jungkook following closely behind while holding the wooden stick ready to keep us safe

me-"y/n please just calm down" i asked into her ear as she kept thrashing about trying to get out of my grip

y/n-"let me go tae! let me die here with them!!! please!" she begged and cried as i felt my heart break by her request

i could see jungkook look at me with a mix of shock, uncertainty and sadness that i felt too

me-"let's just get her to the car jungkook so we can leave" i said to him as he nodded and we continued our way out to the driveway, trying to ignore y/n's desperate pleads to be left

jungkook opended the door for me as i was busy trying to keep her still

the other guys looked at us with a sad yet knowing look, i guess not many of us had faith that her parents would still be here

y/n-"let me go!" she cried again as i sat down with her on my lap as jimin began to rub her back to try calm her down

jungkook got in the car and i gave jin a look which he saw as they were all looking at us so he began to drive

y/n-"noo!" she yelled as i pulled her tighter into a hug

i wouldn't let her go, she kept punching my chest and trying to push me away but i was much stronger than her so her pushes didn't do much

it did hurt though but i wasn't going to say anything because it was nothing compared to the pain she was feeling right now

she kept hitting me until her fists became softer and softer until she stopped fighting back completely

instead she wrapped her delicate arms around me and sobbed into my chest while i held her tighter

none of the guys knew what to do

i mean what could we do

right now she just needed us to be there so we were going to do that for her

after a while i had loosened my grip on her and she took this as an opportunity to turn around, away from me and the others

she probably would have sat in her own seat but that was taken up by jimin who was sat in the back before so she just stayed on my lap but she felt very distant although she wasn't at all

y/n pov

i feel so empty inside

i hate it

why did this have to happen to me?

why couldn't i have just stayed here with them instead of leaving to study?

this isn't fair

what did i ever do to deserve this?

all i want is a hug from my parents, they always knew how to make me feel better...but now they are gone...


the said they will always be there for me but they aren't anymore

why did i have to live when the only people who loved me were gone?

i want to be with them

i feel so alone

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