chapter thirty-one

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y/n pov

some people wake up to alarms, birds and even the sunlight

but lucky for me, this morning i woke up to jimin running around the house screaming

jimin-"I LOST JUNGKOOK!" he kept yelling

the self proclaimed 'light sleeper' didn't wake up, he just continued hugging my legs as though they were a teddy bear

i did want to yell but after last night my voice was so worn out that i could only aggressively whisper or croak talk to them at most

so i just had to sit there and wait

tbh it didn't take that long though till jimin came knocking on my door multiple times, he waited for me to answer which was nice to respect my privacy which i highly doubt he hid for the others, minus yoongi who still kinda terrifies me sometimes

it's not like i could answer so after a couple minutes he slowly opened the door and peaked in to see me waving my arms frantically at him and pointing at the sleeping man at the bottom of my bed, which trust me, sounds and looks a lot more creepy than it actually is

he walked in and realised and by the time he had there was already an namjoon and jin stood behind him with faces of shock and confusion

jimin -"WHAT THE F**K" he yelled earning a slap over the head by jin as he tried to discreetly point to me to show the whole 'there is a child in the room' but 1. it was obvious what he was doing, and 2. i have heard swear words before, sometimes i wish they would not treat me as a child as much as they do

jimin-"sorry y/n" he says while rubbing his head

jungkook-"well good morning to you too jimin" he said rolling over, i don't think he has realised yet where he is

namjoon-"what are you doing?"

jungkook-".....waking up?" he said confused as though he had just been asked an obvious question, but in his defence, he was

jin-"ah yes from your lovely feet pillow"

jungkook-"what are you o- he says while turning wound till he realises that he is in fact hugging some legs and then looks up so see me who is now awkwardly waving at him "oh my god" he says as he jumps out of me bed "don't tell taehyung!" he whisper yells

namjoon-"so i will ask again, what are you doing? what's going on?" he asks with authority

jin-"why were you in her bed?" he asks seriously

jimin-"do you have a foot fetish?" he teases with a smirk on his face trying to wind up the newly woken up boy

they all ask

jungkook-"okay woah, give me a second, we were chatting last night and it was cold so we both lied down and ended up falling asleep by accident, that's what going on and why i was in her bed and no, i do not have a foot fetish jimin!"

namjoon-"is this true?" he says looking at me

i nod due to my throat still hurting

j-hope-"why were you talking late at night?" he says while rubbing his eyes and walking into the room

me and jungkook look at each other and i stare at him trying to convey on my face not to tell them about the nightmare

fortunately, he understood my facial expressions and just simply replied with

jungkook-"i went to get a glass of water because i was hungry and we bumped into each other in the hall"

taehyung-"why were you up so late y/n?" he asks in an authoritative parental voice while entering the room with yoongi behind him

now all focus was on my and it's not like i could really defend myself with a lack of voice

there was a silent moment as i frantically looked around trying to avoid their gazes

i don't know why they all look mad

i didn't do anything

well i mean they did just walk in and see a grown man in my bed and out of context that is kinda bad for a 14 year old

yoongi-"did you have another nightmare?"

'oh god'

he knows

how does he know?

what type of voodoo magic is this?

not sure of what to do i just kind of look down which i guess gave them their answer

either that or jungkook, the little rat, nodded while my head was down

i heard some sighs of mainly relief and then got j-hope pretty much jumping on my for a hug and saying "it's okay" in my ear

jimin-"you could have just told us" he says sympathetically

namjoon-"i think she lost her voice, i'm just guessing because she hasn't muttered a word all morning"

how does he know?

are they all mind readers?

i just nod to show he is right

yoongi-"where were you going?" he questions

jungkook-"she was getting some water" he says as he points to the glass on my desk

namjoon-"right well the rest of us have things to do so we need to go but y/n and jungkook go back to bed and then come help when you are well rested, got it?" everyone nods

slowly everyone leaves my room to go get ready and do the jobs that namjoon has for them, i wonder what they are

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