chapter twelve

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still y/n pov

as soon as the car stopped i got out and stood on the broken driveway, i could hear one of the boys getting out behind me which i assumed was tae because i knew he would want to make sure i was safe, which i obviously would be

i stated forward at the house i once knew and loved

it wasn't the same

the windows were all either shattered or cracked and held up by window pains that had layers of mold and peeling paint on them

the once white walls of the exterior were now an off green shade in some areas and got darker near the bottom

my once well rendered garden which had such beautiful flower beads with rows or rose bushes

in the corner was the swing

-flash back to y/n's childhood-

i was sat on the swing giggling away with my legs moving and my hands tightly wrapped around the ropes

my mum was pushing the swing and laughing at my funny facial expressions and the squeals i would let out whenever i got too high up

but of course, knowing my luck, i somehow thought it would be a good idea to jump off without telling my mum so she couldn't stop me

i stubbles forward and fell on my now grazed and bleeding knees and began to cry due to the pain

mum-"oh honey!" she said running over

little me-"it hurts mummy!" i said in between my cries

mum-"shhh it's okay little one" she says kindly while picking me up and rubbing my back while making her way towards the house

dad-"what happened sweetheart?" he asked in a concerned voice when he saw my

little me-"i-i hurt my k-kneee!" i cried again

he ran to get me a plaster and a drink of water while my mum sat me down on the table

mum-"your such a silly little thing! why did you do that?" she asked in a calm and jokey tone to make me smile

dad-"here" he said while he passed my mum the water and place the bandage on the small cut on my knee

little me-"i'm s-sorry and thank yo-you" i said shyly

mum-"there is no need to be sorry pumpkin!"

dad-"and your welcome, now wait here!" he said before heading towards the garden

i looked at my mum for an explanation but she simply shrugged her shoulders at me and resumed facing the door

dad-"tadaaa!" he says proudly while presenting a rose from his rose bush right infront of my face

little me-"wowww thank you so much dad!"

dad-"your welcome princess!"

mum-"now darling we will always be here if you need us"

dad-"never forget that okay? we will love you and be there for you through everything" they said before embracing me in a warm hug

-end of flashback-

i could feel my eyes beginning to get glossy

tae-"we going in?" he said hesitantly, i quickly nodded and walked down the cracked path towards the door which i had now just realised was already opened, leaving the rest of the boys in the car staring at us

my heart began to sink as i looked through my house, it was different

me-"mum?? dad??" i yelled hoping to get some response from somewhere to help me find them

tae-"y/n you need to be quiet! we don't want to attract zombies!" i suddenly felt really guilty under tae's intense look

me-"i-i'm so-sorry taehyung" i stuttered out shyly with my eyes glued to the floor, that's the first time i have called him by his full name in a while

i froze

there was...blood on the floor

why was that there?

it looked like a trail

i began to follow it feeling tae close behind me

down the dirty hall way

up the creepy stairs

that's when i saw...them

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