chapter fifty

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y/n pov

me-"we are actually so good at this!"

hobi-"agreed. we should definitely do this more often"

me-"as long as the others don't find out"

hobi-"oh most definitely"

we begin to laugh and then head out of his room to go get some water from the kitchen

yoongi-"oi! you two!" i hear yoongi's voice boom and begin to wonder what the boys must have done to put him in a bad mood

that is until i am stopped in my tracks by hobi placing a hand on my shoulder and realise it's actually us he is yelling at

hobi-"oh hi yoongi! how are you?"

yoongi-"fabulous. one question, what the fuck did you two do?"

hobi-"language geez, not in front of the child"

the audacity of this man

me-"excuse you"

hobi-"hush!" did he just hush me?... "we were just messing around, why?"

yoongi-"you are both sweating after coming out of your room now tell me what the fuck happened"

hobi-"nothing, nothing happened"

yoongi-"you better fucking tell me right now j-hope or you best hope to get a head start on running before i hunt you down and kill you from what i am thinking you have done." okay damn calm down sir, what did hobi do wrong?

hobi-"omg we were just dancing! i swear! i swear!"

yoongi-"dancing?" he looks at me

me-"yes, but you can't tell the others!"


me-"they might make fun of us"

yoongi-"all the more reason to tell them" he smirks

me-"i hate you"

yoongi-"good" could this man be any more irritating

he begins to walking away and we end up going to have a drink

namjoon-"hi guys" he says while popping his head into the kitchen

hobi-"hi joon"

namjoon-"i just wanted to let you know that jin, tae and jungkook are all going to the shop to go get some stuff but will be back soon and they were wondering if you could join them"

hobi-"yeah sure i will just put my shoes on"

namjoon-"great news"

me-"well have fun!"

hobi-"will do" he says before chuckling and walking away

finally i reach my own room and get to go for a very much needed shower

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