chapter twenty-three

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yoongi pov:

i felt really guilty about everything that had happened ever since i heard her first quiet sob

she seemed so upset and if i had actually listened to her then she wouldn't be this upset because i could have just helped her but no

i choose to be quick tempered and yell at her

tae slowly walked towards the bathroom door and knocked in it and we heard her gasp and try to keep her breathing calm although it sounded like she was struggling

tae-"y/n? are you okay?" i could hear her take a deep breath and then say

y/n-"y-yes" she said shakily which made another huge wave of guilt roll over me

tae-"can i come in?"


tae-"please, i have something for you"

y/n-"i don't want it!"

tae-"it's your bag y/n, just open the door and i will pass it to you, okay?"

y/n-"promise you will stay outside?"

tae-"i promise"

and with that the door nob clicked and slowly opened and her hand came out, i could see there was some blood on her arm

tae put the bag in her arm and she quickly pulled it into the door and shut it while re-locking it

jin-"i also have some clothes for you y/n, they are really comfortable!" he says and the door opens again with the same hand sticking out reaching for them

he placed them in her hand and yet again and grabbed them and then quickly shut the door

tae-"we are going to be outside your room door so please come out and see us after y/n, okay?" he says calmly while geasturing is to the door

after what felt like forever, the bathroom door unlocked and y/n emerges wearing clothes that drown her in them

she looks so tiny

her head was facing down and her messy hair was covering most of her face

j-hope-"i got you some chocolate!" he says with a mix of happiness and caution in his voice as he slowly passed them into her small hands

y/n-"thanks.." she said barely above a whisper

tae-"are you okay y/n?" he asked as he cautiously came towards her

she didn't say anything, only slightly nodded her downwards facing head

tae looked back at us before reaching out his hand to reveal her face

her swollen eyes and tear stained face was revealed, she looked so upset

i could never have imagined my words would hurt her so much

me-"y/n" i said stepping towards her

she slightly stepped back which hurt me deeply

me-"listen, i'm really really sorry, i shouldn't have taken that tone with you and i should have listened to what you had to say, i'm so sorry y/n" i gently which slightly lowering myself to be closer to her level

me-"i kn-" i was about to continue my apology but was stopped when she did something that shocked me

she hugged me

her head was buried into my shirt so i quickly hugged her and began rubbing her back as she began to quietly cry again

i felt some of the others coming closer to us and a couple rubbed her back also while jin got her a tissue

y/n-"i-i'm s-sorry" she said through her sobs

me-"shh it's okay" i found my self saying sweetly to her

tae-"you didn't do anything wrong y/n don't worry" he said while rubbing her back

she let go of the hug and turned to face all of us

y/n-"t-thank you for h-helping me" she said in a quietened voice

jin-"it's okay y/n" he said while going down to her height and wiping her tears with the tissue he had gotten

jimin-"you can always talk to us about anything y/n"

jungkook-"yeah we will always be here for you!"

j-hope-"no matter how embarrassing it is" he said in a playful manner which made her go slightly red

jin-"now how about we all go to sleep since it is still night"

rm-"yeah i don't want to have to deal with an even grumpier yoongi in the morning" he said which earned him a glare from me but y/n giggled to i suppose i will let it slide this time

j-hope-"well good night everyone!" he said happily while giving y/n a big hug which she eagerly returned and then skipping off to his room

jin-"good night guys" he said while giving y/n a quick hug

rm-"goodnight" he said to us and gave y/n a quick side hug before telling her "sweet dreams" and going back to his room

jimin-"good night!" he says and gives the girl get another hug, i'm surprised she's not tired of them yet

jungkook-"night!" he said while engulfing her in a big hug and then left closely behind jimin

me-"good night" i said while ruffling her hair and then left back to my room, i'm glad this is all sorted

y/n pov

'thank god they aren't mad at me' i thought while giving them all good night hugs apart from yoongi who just messed up my already messy hair, now it was just me and tae in my room

tae-"are you sure you are all right?" he asked

me-"yes i am fine"

tae-"does it not hurt?"

me-"yeah but i'm sure i will manage"

tae-"are you sure?" he questioned again

me-"i'm sure tae!" i said while jokingly shoving him to show i was fine

tae-"okay okay i'll leave, good night y/n" he said and gave me a warm hug before heading towards my door

i love hugs so i don't mind this type of thing

tae- "i'm just next door if you need me" i gave him a nod and he left and i was back to being alone

i shut my door and got into bed and tried to get back to sleep but this time i was in super comfy clothes -thank you jin- so it didn't take long

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