chapter thirty-nine

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tae pov (back at the home base)

i was just bickering with jimin about something useless just like we always did when we were kids

thats when i realised something

where is the kid?

i haven't seen her in a couple hours

normally i see her roaming around or hear her talking to someone but i haven't seen her at all

she's probably in her room and probably bored, so being the *amazing* friend i am, i am going to go cheer her up and most definitely tease the hell out of her for the nicknames she gave us

while walking to her room i notice that i can't hear her so i am guessing no one is in there with her

me-"y/n" i say while knocking at the door

there was no answer

me-"y/n?" i ask in confusion to her lack of answer

i open the door to check if she is there and i am suprised when i don't see her

she left the bathroom door open as well so i know she isn't in there

'where is she?' i thought as i headed to the hallways to search for her

?-"what are you doing taehyung?" i turn around to see jin behind me giving me a questioning look at my confused face

me-"have you seen y/n?"

jin-"not since we cleaned the dishes, after that i think i heard her talking to joon"

me-"oh okay, thank you" i said and smiled to him as he smiled and nodded his head once in response

as i began to walk to the dinning room because i knew namjoon had been working in their earlier

me-"namjoon?" i asked him which caused him to look up to me and away from the book that seemed to be on robotics "have you seen y/n?"

namjoon-"yeah, i sent her to go help yoongi with his task"

me-"oh, what was his task?"

namjoon-"he was getting wood for us"

me-"what!" i announce in anger

namjoon-"relax!! he'll probably just be at the back of the house or somewhere close"

me-"no he won't because j-hope suggested not to get wood too close to the house because if we cut down all the trees around us and something happens then it will be harder to get more wood!" i yell causing him to widen his eyes


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