chapter twenty

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y/n pov

i had woken up to sun shining on my face coming from my window

looking around my room, i decide that i should take a shower as last night i head namjoon saying he had gotten the water systems working

the shower was quite cold but i'm not sure what i expected, at least i was now getting clean

getting out i realise i had no towel and no new clothes so i just stood in the bathroom

i tied my hair back in a bobble that i had brought to get it out of the way and then thought about my next plan of action

deciding that this was the best idea, i used my shirt as a towel and then put it on again as i had nothing else to wear

soggy shirts, fun.

i put on my joggers and took my hair down left the bathroom

having nothing else to do, i was wondering around the new house while looking at all the details on the walls not really paying any attention to where i was going which was definitely a mistake

next thing i knew i was on the floor after bumping into one of them

?-"im so sorry y/n" he said while passing me a hand

me-"it's okay joonie" i said as he helped me up

namjoon-"j-joonie?" he said causing my eyes to widen

i had forgotten about the nicknames i had given them and now i have just said one

me-"i- um- i meant n-namjoon" i said as my face began to turn a shade of red which made him begin to laugh

namjoon-"it's okay y/n, you can call me that"



me-"omg wow, thanks joonie" i said while laughing

namjoon-"oh god" he joined me in laughing

after a couple minutes of our laughing fit i noticed something

me-"omg are you reading harry potter?"


me-"i love those books! i used to read them all the time"

namjoon-"really? me too!"

me-"who's your favourite character?"


me-"ooo i like y/f/c" (y/f/c= your favourite character)

namjoon-"which hogwarts house are you?"

me-"i'm y/h/h" (y/h/h=your hogwarts house)

namjoon-"cool, i'm a ravenclaw"

me-"wow, what other books do you like?"

we spent around an hour stood in the hall way talking about books even though it didn't feel like it lasted that long

it was so funny, we were having a great time

that was until he had to go and do some things so i just made my way back to my room and i began trying to remember the story of harry potter in as much detail as possible

i had always been quite envious of ginny

she was so pretty and feisty

not only that but she had six brothers that cared for her dearly

well i guess i kinda have that with the seven of them which is so amazing

i'm so thankful for them

the day went by quite slowly and not much happened, i had a few conversation with people but the whole day i was feeling quite drowsy and sleepy so jin said i should go to bed early which i did

(the next 3 chapters are really cringe and weird- skip them if you want- you have been warned)

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