chapter fifteen

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tae pov

y/n had fallen asleep after some time, she was exhausted after everything that had happened

not much was said in the car, it was very quiet, the only thing that would happen was us exchanging glances at one and other or us looking at y/n

i wasn't really sure where we were going, apparently jin knew a place or something so i just went with it

-30 minutes later-

jin-"there" he stated dully as we drove towards the older looking building

jungkook-"what is this place?" he questioned as jin parked the car near the mud covered walls

jin-"it's a small boarding school i used to go to when i was younger, only a few people went so it isn't as big as a regular school but at least there will be beds"

we all nodded in response and gazed into the dusty building that would soon be our future home

everyone began grabbing the belongings they had taken with them and slowly getting out of the car, jimin grabbed my things as well as his own while jungkook grabbed y/n's and his own

i held y/n tightly against me as i carefully got out of the car allowing j-hope to gently shut the door behind me to try not to wake y/n up

athough we were all exhausted, we walked towards the doorway with our heavy belongings and waited for the door to be open

jin-"it should be around here somewhere" he said while frantically looking around the bow shattered plant pots

yoongi-"what are yo-"

jin-"here!" he exclaimed while holding up a rust covered key and placing it into the lock on the door

he placed his little belongings near the entrance and began to search for something next to the creaky door in the dark room


the lights were flickering but we were now able to see into the room

jin-"well...what do you think?" he said to us

yoongi-"it's better than nothing"

namjoon-"is there any place we can put y/n down to sleep? it would probably be more comfortable than her sleeping position now" he said looking over at y/n who was sleeping in the air being held by my arms

jin-"yeah there is a bunch of bedrooms, bring your stuff!" he said as we followed

me-"how old is this place?" i asked looking at the cobwebs on the wall

jin-"it was shut down after a left so it's quite old, it was abandoned after that"

jungkook-"yeah we can see that"

j-hope-"at least we have a place to stay with beds"

jin-"this one!" he excitedly stated while opening the door to a room with a bed and a chair in

jimin-"it's quite empty." he stated

yoongi-"well obviously because it has been abandoned idiot" he stated in a dull tone

jin ignored his remark and ushered me towards the bed where he took off the sheet and placed a blanket he had in his bag on the bed so y/n could sleep on it

we had decided to take turns in sitting with her just in case she wakes up since she had been saying how she wanted to die earlier and how she would be confused so i went first

i stayed with her for an hour and then it was jin's turn, then jimins, then jungkooks

the girl could sleep for earth i swear

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