chapter sixteen

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y/n pov

darkness no longer surrounded me as i slowly blinked my eyes trying to adjust them to where i was

i was so cold

the bed was quite soft so it wasn't that bad


'where am i?' i wondered as i looked around the plain empty looking room

'how did i get her?' i thought while slowly taking off the sheets that had been wrapped tightly around me




my clothes were covered in blood! it looked like a crime scene where i had been the victim!

'what happened?'

feeling my heart rate quicken, my breathing got faster too as i tried to stop myself from panicking

frantically jumped out of bed and began to look around in pure horror

'my parents were dead.... i wanted to be left.... did they leave me? am i with... him?" my mind began to put things together as i felt i must get out

noises were still fuzzy as i had just woken up and my vision was not very clear through my swollen eyes but i could here a mans voice and foot steps coming towards the door

coming closer to me

i hid behind the door frame as it opened, a man walked in but was facing the opposite direction of me and walked towards the bed which i once was in

he wasn't looking so i took this opportunity to get out

i quietly tip toed to the room where least noise was coming from until i was startled to a mans voice yelling

?-"y/n is gone!"


?-"she's gone!"

???-"i thought you were watching her jungkook"

jungkook-"i needed the toilet" he said with a mix of embarrassment and anger

????-"how could you let this happen?!"

i kept walking while keeping my eyes in the direction of the noise until i bumped into something....

....or someone

?????-"y/n?" he asked gently, i still wasn't facing his direction until he turned me to face him

me-"i-i-i'm s-sorry" i whispered out

?????-"shhh it's okay" he said and pulled me into a hug

????-"j-hope you have her!" some one yelled behind me but i wasn't really listening, i was busy hugging j-hope and praying for this nightmare to be over

i could hear more and more heavy foot steps coming towards me

tae pov

jungkook told us that he had lost y/n within 20 minutes of him watching her, i felt my heart drop

now she has gone

this is exactly why we wanted someone with her at all times just in case she woke up

y/n-"i-i'm really sorry, i got freaked out, there is too much happening, i didn't know where i was and i got scared" she hung her head lower "i heard foot steps and was scared it was...him" she whispered

i hate him so much

he has hurt her and now she is broken

me-"it's okay y/n, we are here, now how about you go change your clothes, there is some on the chair in your room" i said calmly

she nodded and walked back to her room

i signalled for the others to go so i could give y/n a tour because it would have been chaos with all seven of us doing it

she came out of her room after around two minutes and she was now in an over-sized grey shirt and white joggers that were drowning her

she looked so tiny

y/n pov

by the time i came out every one except tae had gone so i just walked over to him

tae-"did you want a tour?"

me-"yes please" he nodded and led me to a door which i assumed was the entrance

the door was large and old looking and the floor was quite cold, i will have to find some socks or slippers to wear because otherwise my feet will freeze

tae-"on the left there is the kitchen" he said while pointing too a large room lined with cabinets and cupboards as well as a fridge, oven and hob, although they were all quite dirty due to lack of use and it was very empty, i wonder if the stuff still works

tae-"next to that is the dinning room" he pointed to the room just next to it and i could see a longish looking table with eight mix-matched chairs around it

tae-"next is a bedroom which me and namjoon share which is right next to yours so i will be in there if you need me" he said reassuringly, it's nice to know i have them next to me

tae-"then on this side there is yoongi's room" he pointed to the room opposite mine, i wonder why he has his own room and the others that i know of so far don't, maybe it's because he is very picky about his sleep

tae-"then jungkook and jimin's room" the door was yet again shut which seemed to be the case for the bedrooms so i couldn't see inside

tae-"here is a small storage room or library area, i don't really know what it is, and then finally there is jin and j-hope's room, there is a bathroom connected to each bedroom" he said as we arrived back at the door

me-"wow it's huge here!" i excitedly said

tae-"yeah, oh and by the way this big open space here is like the living room area" he said and pointed to the hall like area that connected all the rooms

me-"okay cool"

tae-"i have to go get some things ready because me and a couple others are going out to find some food tomorrow as we don't have much in apart from like crackers and snacks, i will see you later" he said so i went back to my room relived that now i knew where everything was

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