chapter forty-five

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y/n pov

awoken by rays of sunlight emerging from my window, i flutter my eyes attempting to adjust to the now strong light

i release the teddy i has apparently been cuddling all night, i sit up on my bed, giving up on my plan to go back to sleep

'what time is it?' i wonder although i'm not overly concerned

startling me and pulling me out of my thoughts, i hear a knock at my door

jin-"y/n? are you awake? its me, jin, may i come in?"

um yeah just.. just give me a second
i say while not so gently shoving my teddy bear under my pillow

and just like that the door opens revealing mr world wide handsome himself


jin-"good morning! did you sleep well?" he asks while making his way over to sit at the edge of my bed

me-"yeah i slept just fine, and you?"

jin-"i slept well.. so how do you feel?"

me-"how do i feel?"

jin-"yes, how do you feel?"

me-"i don't understand the question jin"

jin-"like after yesterday, i know you said you are okay but really, are you okay?"

me-"yeah i'm fine"

jin-"you can tell me the truth you know"

me-"i um... well its just been a lot to take in lately, i mean a lot has happened and it's just been quite difficult to process it all, but i think i'm okay, really i do" he nodded at me as i spoke and it's clear in his eyes that he was listening to every word i said

jin-"if you ever need to talk to someone, you know i'm here right? i am more than ready to listen and try my best to help you through anything! i think all the guys here would"

me-"i know, thank you jin"

jin-"your welcome dear, now as you know we didn't get to finish our tasks yesterday so i was wondering if you wanted to join me with mine"

me-"what is it?"

jin-"it's a suprise" last surprise trip didn't go so well

me-"um where is it?"

jin-"it's on the grounds don't you worry"

me-"oh okay thank you"

jin-"we can start in like an hour or so, i will come get you when it is time. oh and by the way most of the others are busy so everyone is just grabbing their own breakfast today so i suggest you do the same"
he says while smiling

me-"okay i will"

jin-"well then i'll see you later then"

me-"see you soon jin!"

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