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a/n: another edited chapter !!
although you had long days, coming home to karissa was an instant stress reliever. it was always the same thing, "how was your day, my love? is there anything i can do to help?" and you absolutely loved her caring and nurturing nature. she'd wrap you in a big hug, and kiss you endlessly, reminding you of what it's like to be loved.

this time, though was different. you unlocked the front door, and the lights were off. music wasn't playing over the speakers, and your favorite person was missing. you figured she just got put up at work, and she'd be home in a few hours.

those few hours flew by, and still no sign of karissa. you would call her phone, and it would go to voicemail. you thought something was off, because that was unlike karissa to not answer her phone. your mind couldn't help but wander to the dark places, and you sat at the kitchen table in front of a plate of leftovers, wondering what you did wrong. finally, your phone rings. karissa.

"hey!" she says, enthusiastically.

"hi baby! where are you?" you reply, smiling.

"i was at work and i stopped by the bar for a drink quick. but i'm heading home now."

"karissa...you know how i feel about that."

"morgan come on, it was one drink. i promise."

you sigh, "karissa i don't care if it was one drink or ten. you know how i feel about drinking and driving."

"it's not really a big deal."

"it is to me, karissa."

"ill see you in like 5 minutes." karissa says, hanging up.

you put your phone down on the table, and try not to cry. it upsets you every time karissa drinks too much, because it reminds you of a childhood you almost didn't escape.

as you wipe the tears from your eyes, you hear karissa's car pull in the driveway.

"fuck." you whisper, standing up and walking the full plate to the kitchen. you lost your appetite.

"morgan i'm sorry." karissa says, standing in the doorway.

"for what." you snap, looking at your girlfriend.

"for drinking and driving. i know that it scares you, and i'm sorry."

"no karissa. it doesn't scare me. it fucking terrifies me. w-what if something happened to you? jesus christ! you're so inconsiderate!" you say, trying not to cry. "a-are you drunk?! how many drinks did you have?"

"i had two scotch."

"fucking scotch?! at 4 in the afternoon? why? was one just not enough?!"


"dont morgan me! just-just leave me alone!" you say, crying as you go upstairs.

"morgan don't cry! i'm sorry!" she yells upstairs.

"let me be mad!" you yell back, "and don't follow me either!!"

karissa leaves you alone, and lets you breathe. at dusk, karissa comes upstairs.

"i'm starting a fire outside if you wanna come out and talk." she says, her head down.

"i'm all set." you say, focusing on the tv.

"please." karissa begs, looking at you.

you sigh, "i'll be down in 5." the tv clicks off.

karissa nods, and turns around to walk outside.

you slide one of karissa's sweatshirts over your pajamas, and slide into your slippers. you smell smoke in the air, as you step outside.

"fuck!" karissa says, looking at her thumb.

"what happened?"

"burnt my finger. not a big deal." karissa says, adding small pieces of wood to her fire.

you sit down next to the warm fire, and karissa looks at you.

"let me start off by saying that i'm sorry-"

"karissa it's not a big deal, honestly don't worry about it." you say, looking at your feet.

"no, because i know it is. and i am sorry for lying about it. i had two drinks when i told you that i only had one, then i drove home. and i shouldn't have. i shouldn't have stopped for them in the first place. i am sorry morgan. i love you."

"thank you karissa. i appreciate that. i love you too."

"so you're not mad?" karissa asks.

"no. i'm not mad."

"okay." karissa pauses. "well come over here and give me my hug!"

you smile, and stand up as karissa gives you a big hug. "i love you, morgan." she whispers.

"i love you too."

a/n: i edited another old absolutely ATROCIOUS chapter. i love you, thank you for reading.

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