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a/n: long chapter, sorry guys! anywayyy hope you enjoy 💗
"hurry up karissa!! we are gonna be late!" you say, facing the stairs.

"i'll be down in 5!!" she yells back.

"you said that 15 minutes ago!"

"trust me. i've just gotta put my earrings in- and there. i'm coming down now!" she says, walking towards the stairs, as she grabs her bag hanging on the bedpost.

you trace her body with your eyes as she slowly walks down the stairs so she doesn't trip.

"so, how do i look?" she says, spinning around.

"i-i-i'm uh uh fuck you look sexy. hot. beautiful, amazing. can we fuck?"

"right now? you wanna fuck right now?"


"no!! we are gonna be late! we probably are already!"

"but pleasee. i won't enjoy myself because i'll be thinking of your body throughout the whole party." (needy ass mf)

"morgan. no. it can wait till we get home."

"yeah but we will probably be half drunk."

"i won't be! you know i don't drink anymore."

"well then i won't either!"

the dress karissa was wearing complemented her body in such an elegant way. it was a black satin dress, with a spaghetti strap back. the heels she wore made her tower over you, which you didn't mind.

"what do you keep looking at?" karissa says, watching you stare at her.

"oh uh- my bad- let's just go."

your mother and father's vow renewal party was today, the day of their 30 year wedding anniversary. you needed a plus one, and of course, you were bringing your girlfriend.

"your acting weird love."

"well your weird for wearing a slutty dress!" you say, covering your mouth immediately after, regretting what you said.

oh fuck.

karissa smirks, "what did you just say?"

"n-uh nothing."

"oh you definitely said something. come on, tell me baby."

"i uh- called you weird for wearing a slutty dress."

"oh really? you think i'm a slut?"


"nope. that's fine. i'll just go change."

"karissa!! no! please. please i'm sorry! please baby. please don't change." you say, falling to your knees begging her.

"your so slutty, begging for me like that. it makes me sick."

"i'm sorry. please. forgive me."

"your forgiven. now stand up. we have to go. now."

"yes mommy- i mean ma'am. yes ma'am."

"very well then. come on love." she says, reaching out her hand to lead you out the door. it was 4:30. the party started at 5:30, and it was at least an hour drive to the country club, where the party was held.

after driving for about a half hour, karissa, naturally falls asleep listening to classical music play through the radio. she slept peacefully, until you parked the car.

"baby. sweetheart. karissaaa. angel you have to wake up." you whisper. when that doesn't work, you try rubbing her arm.

"i'm up. i'm up. are we here already?"

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