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a/n: CO-WRITER CREDS mjxreader
it was halloween. karissa hated halloween, but you loved it. she wanted to spend her night in with you, but you wanted to go out. you bought two tickets to a nearby horror walk, one for you, and one for karissa.

"babyyy. i have a surprise for you."

"ooo i love surprises!"

"i hope you like it."

"i hope so too."

you take the tickets off the table, and bring them over to karissa, who is laying on the couch.

"your kidding. morgan you promised! i'm not going to that."

"whyyy? you scared?"

"yes. i'd be fucking terrified."

"come on i can't go alone!"

"ask nikki to go with you!!"

"you want me to go with my best friend rather than my girlfriend?"


"you won't get jealous?"

"uh-actually. no-no i won't."

"your sure?"

"yeah! go have fun. i'll just be home..alone..on halloween. the scariest night of the year."

"what are you trying to say?"

"that i don't want you to go."

"but you just said!!"

"i know what i saidddd."

"it's either i go with you, or i go with nikki."

"just go with nikki!"


you run upstairs, and change into a nurse costume, with a short skirt. this is what i'm wearing."

"no way. you aren't wearing that. get it off."

"but we've been planning it for weeks!!"

"i don't care. other women are gonna hit on you, and-just get it off."

"your joking. tell me your joking,"

"does it look like i'm joking? no. i'm being serious."

"let's be SO for real." you say, throwing your hands up in the air.

"fine! wear it! only if you go with me."

"fine." you say, kissing her lips then walking away. "thank you babyyy."

you run upstairs, and get ready. you shower, and style your hair. by the time you come back down, it was dusk.

"you almost ready to go?"

"where's the slutty costume?"

"it's upstairs, idk if i'm gonna wear it."

"no come onnn. please."

"i don't knowww. it's raining and i don't wanna be cold."

"i'll keep you warm love. please wear it."

"noooo!" you say, putting your converse on.

"yes. do what i say slut."

"you ready to go?"

"don't change the topic! but, i gotta throw on some shoes, then yeah i'll be all good."

"you scared babe?"

"no!! i'm not scared. only pussies get scared."

"pfft, you just wait. your all talk."

"no i'm nottt. i'll just punch the assholes that touch me."

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