valentine's day.

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a/n: there's a surprise at the end of the chapter 😼

"i want you to go to bed early tonight, take the day off, and get ready for the night. i'm taking you out, and we are going to have such a good night. maybe come home, and make love." karissa says, sitting on the edge of the bed, next to you.

"baby i just can't call into work-"

"yes. tonight you can. i'll be home at 2. then i'll get ready, and we can go see your surprise, my little valentine."

"i'm your valentine yayy!"

"of course you are little cutie. you want some money for some clothes? yeah, i'll give you like what-$300?"

"baby no-not that much."

"$400? yeah," she says, counting out $400 in 50, and hundred dollar bills. "go get some good stuff tomorrow, okay? i'm taking away your wallet so you don't spend any of your money."

"well if i have cash i won't need my wallet. just a coin purse. but karissa, honestly, i don't need $400."

"yes, take it. end of discussion."

"fine. fine. thank you my love."

"no problem, beautiful." say says, turning your head, and kissing your lips.

you smile, and giggle like a little girl.

"don't make me giggle!"

"ooo! we should go makeup shopping today!"

"karissa baby-i have to work."

"no you don't. i already texted dr bailey and said you weren't gonna be in for the next couple days."

"you WHAT?! karissa i have patients!"

"she said that it was perfectly okay, and that you've been working too much anyway! karev's taking care of your patients."

"fine. yes we can go makeup shopping today. you aren't spending more than $100."

"no because all the good stuff is expensive. and i gotta get my girl all the best stuff."

"okay," you shrug. "that's what we will do then."

"yayyy. let's get going then."

you both change out of pajamas and into clothes.

"i'll drive babe." karissa says, grabbing her purse and keys.

"mkay. i call aux though."

"sounds gooodddd."

you get into the car, and play "west coast" by lana del rey, as you and karissa scream the lyrics. you two always had the best times in the car, because you shared the same love of music.

"i love lana rey." you say, picking "cherry blossom" by lana. "i'd die if i got to see her in concert. like i'd honestly pass out. and if i got to meet her? holy fuck."

"maybe i can make that happen."

"karissa don't play like that. lana del rey is too much of a goddess to joke about."


as lana sings, you sing just as loud.

"babe play sexyyred pleaseee."

"sexyyred comin up. her music gets me hype tbh. but honestly, i feel like rap from the 90's is so much more real though, like music was just so positive for so many people, ya' know?"

"that's so real." karissa turns her directional on. "okay and i feel like 90's rap is just better. you should play tupac and biggie after this."

"babe you so relatable."

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