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a/n: theres a happy ending guys dw. enjoy whores i love u!!

the day was warm, sunny and perfect for spring. you had just baked muffins for hunter, as a "get well soon" gift, because of his cold. your blueberry muffins were his absolute favorite, so you decided to make him some. you and karissa were going to head over there in a couple hours, but you wanted to go for a run first.

"baby i'm gonna go for a run." you say, standing in the kitchen, wiping the counter.

"okay honey, be safe." karissa says, getting up from the kitchen table.

you head upstairs and change into sneakers. you wore ankle-length leggings, and a sports bra. you come back downstairs, and kiss your wife goodbye.

"i love you, and i'll see you in about an hour, kay?" you say, kissing karissa.

"okay baby. i love you too."

you close the front door and start running down the road. after about a mile, you start breathing heavily. you stop, and calm yourself down, before continuing. suddenly, you feel a hard smash to your head, and everything goes black.

someone nearby calls an ambulance, and morgan is taken to grey sloan. owen hunt, the lead trauma surgeon stands outside, wasting for the rig to pull up. when it does, the paramedics jump out along with the stretcher.

"25 year old, morgan bardsley, O2 and blood levels elevated, blunt force trauma to the head, bleeding internally, and possible severe brain damage." the paramedic says, as owen wheels the stretcher in.

"everybody listen up! we've got one of our own with us right now, so i want everyone focused in on what they're doing. if you aren't assigned to this patient, please don't ask questions." owen yells, as another doctor transfers her into a trauma room.

"okay let's page shepherd, 911!" the monitor hooked up to morgan beeps at a fast rhythm. "she's coding! starting chest compressions. stay with us, morgan! stay with us!" owen says, as amelia shepherd runs in. she snaps gloves on, and decides that morgan needs emergency surgery.

"let's call the o.r, and tell them to prep for a thrombectomy!" amelia says.

knowing nobody's called karissa, owen calls from the front desk.

"hello?" karissa says, a worried tone lingering in her voice.

"hey karissa-"

"owen, hey!" 

"karissa i think you should come down to the hospital, it's uh-something happened."


"it's morgan. you need to get down here, as soon as you can."

"i'll-i'll be there right away."

"okay." owen says, disconnecting the line.

in surgery, a focused amelia navigates morgan's brain, as she clips a bleeder. it ruptures, and she tries her best to pack it. "hang two more units! she's loosing too much blood." amelia tries to pack the rupture, but morgan flatlines.

"charge to 200. clear!" amelia says, as the defibrillator whines, shocking 200 volts of electricity to morgan's heart.

karissa gets to the hospital, and owen brings her to the gallery. 

"oh my fucking god. and you said that it was blunt force trauma? meaning like someone hit her?!"

"most likely, yes."

karissa sniffles, "oh i swear to fucking god whoever did this- i'll fucking kill them."

"call it, doctor shepherd." the nurse says, looking at the clock.

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