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sunday, may 14th was approaching fast. it was about a week away, and you still needed to get so much done for the big day.

pregnancy was hard on you, since your first failed attempt. karissa always wanted to be a mom, and knew that it might be hard on you carrying the baby and all. what she didn't know, is that your second attempt was successful. you were having a baby. you weren't far along enough to the point where you had a bump, but you still had the symptoms.

"do you know what next week is?" you ask karissa, laying in bed.

"isn't it mother's day?" she replies

"yeah, it is. do you want breakfast?"

"that sounds good."

"eggs maybe?"

"french toast?"

"coming right up sweetheart." you say, getting up and kissing her on the lips.

"thank you angel!"

you run downstairs, and start her french toast. about 5 minutes later, she follows, wanting to help.

"i don't need your help sweetheart. coffee?"

"coffee sounds amazing."


after you finish cooking breakfast, you and karissa sit down and eat.

"karissa? i've got something to tell you."

"yeah my love?"

"close your eyes and open your hands."

you put a gift bag in her hands. it was filled with a baby onesie, and a box with a pregnancy test with "baby bardsley 2024"

"okay open."

"oooh pretty!"

she opens the gift, and her eyes pool with tears
"are you pregnant? oh my god!"

"i'm pregnant."

"oh morgan! your gonna be the best mother ever."

"i love you." she says to you "and you little baby." she says, kissing your stomach.

a/n: a short little oneshot for my favorite people!! happy reading!! xoxox 💋💋

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